Wednesday, September 14, 2022

September Aldi Haul

I am back on the Aldi train once or twice a month.  I loved hearing your Aldi feedback after my last post!  The most interesting thing was that Aldi prices vary a lot by region.  Aldi's in the South are pretty comparable to other stores and many of you said our Aldi prices in the Midwest are low.  I'm excited to share yummy finds and to give you honest reviews of things we've tried.  

My goal is to inspire you to find favorite items at Aldi to save money on your monthly grocery bills!

Grab everything you need for TACO NIGHT the next time you are at Aldi!  It's all yummy and it's all so much cheaper.  My kids love this mild salsa and the taco shells.  The chips, cheese and canned things are so much cheaper for me at Aldi.  I try to stock up when I go each month on taco night ingredients because we usually enjoy tacos for dinner once a week.

Tortilla chips $1.79!!  They're delicious & so much cheaper than Tostitos.

Black beans $0.71

Black Olives $1.55

Salsa jar $1.95

Taco cheese $2.99

Naan flatbreads.  They're so good as pizza crusts.  I pop them in the freezer and use them for pizza - regular or bbq or pesto and they're so good.

Mini Naan and Regular Naan $4.29

Shaved Beef Steak is delicious with teriyaki sauce, rice and broccoli.

It's just $6.18 and I like to add in a lot of sides to stretch the meal so that one package feels our whole family.  It freezes really well, too.

Milk $2.46

Ice cream $2.19 - it's at least double or triple that price at my regular stores.  My kids love chocolate milkshakes so I try to buy a couple of these containers when I get to Aldi.

Salty Snacks - perfect for charcuterie boards!

Pretzel slims $2.29

Pub Style Pretzels $1.99

Ritz Crackers $3.25

Butter $3.68

Fresco Cheese $2.45

Creamy Garic & Herb wedges - toddler approved! - $2.99 

Raisins - $1.19

Dried Blueberries $2.49

Pepitas - pumpkin seeds are great on salads - $2.19

Freeze Dried Apples - such a good snack for mom and kids! - $2.99

Organic Granola - SO GOOD!! Maybe the best granola I've ever had! - $2.49

Syrup - $2.09

Sweet potatoes - $2.79 - use up fast!  I bought two bags and was only able to use one because the 2nd bag rotted so fast.  Boo!

Stuffed Olives - $1.35 - much cheaper at Aldi!

Garbanzo beans - $0.73

Aldi always has great wine deals.  You know I look for a pretty bottle...They had cheaper options and more expensive options.  I look for a middle price range pretty bottle when I'm picking out wine.

Moscato - $4.95

HARIBO gummy bears - $0.99 - they are $1.99 at my local grocery store!

Gushers - $2.65

Pasta $0.92 - all of their pasta is under $1 and we love it.

Broccoli Florets frozen - $0.95

Soft taco shells - so soft and so good! - $1.79

Salami - great for charcuterie boards - $6.49

You know I don't buy a lot of produce at Aldi... but I was really happy with both of these & will buy them again.

Limes - $2.19

Sweet peppers - $2.89

I like to try new things so I grabbed this bag of Dark Chocolate Thins for a treat.  It was $2.99.  It had a toffee taste and was pretty good, but I probably wouldn't buy it again.  I was hoping for big pretzel chunks and the pretzel part was pretty pulverized.  I checked the ingredient list several times for toffee.  It doesn't list toffee, but I swear it tastes like it has toffee in it.

Iced coffee - $5.28 - not the best deal ever or my favorite, but it works in a pinch.

Do we have any of the same favorites??  What should I keep an eye out for on my next Aldi trip?


  1. Fun! I love these posts! Question: what is your fave iced coffee brand? I’m an iced coffee girl too…

  2. I've had trouble with Aldi's potatoes and onions going bad really quickly - and I used to not have that problem. On the flip side, I used to not like their coffee creamer but have been buying it almost exclusively the last couple months. It's less than $3 (compared to $4+ for name brands) and I'm really enjoying the coconut and white chocolate flavors!

  3. I like the idea of using naan bread as a pizza base. I need to try it.

  4. I think you really need to know your prices, especially today with our high prices. For most of the things you listed, I can get just as cheap or cheaper if I buy the Kroger brand. I also think the Kroger brand tastes better than some of the things I have tried from Aldi. This is a great and informative post and I know it takes forever to take the photos and list the prices. I can imagine these prices seem super low for people from certain areas of the country. I think doing pick up says me money, too, because I stick to my meal plan/list and don't have the opportunity to make those impulse purchases! I love that you have taco night and your beef night as automatics - that helps so much!
    Thank you!

  5. I just started going to Aldi's & mad at myself for taking so long to get there!
    So many good things - love their healthy choices too!!!


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