Friday, September 16, 2022

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday!  I hope you've had a great week.  It's been a week of ups and downs here and we're ready for the weekend.  I have lots of good things to show you, but I think the last one might be my very favorite.   

The best parts of our week were:

1. My Fall Matilda Jane order arrived and every single thing is gorgeous!!  I can't wait for temps to cool down so that I can wear them.  The patterns and colors and unique pieces are my FAVORITE.

2. My kids told me that their lunches from home are their FAVORITE and that they'll probably never eat school lunch.  I love sending them to school with a healthy lunch that I know they will love.

3. Game Day foods are back!  I made a dinner charcuterie board for my family.  Can you guess what always goes first??  The soft pretzels!!  This kind of snacky dinner is always a FAVORITE at my house.  You can read all about this board here.

4. Sunday mornings are always a FAVORITE.  Everyone has gotten accustomed to their classes and are able to be happily dropped off - which is huge especially in toddler world :)  The older kids have friends from school in their classes so that's a fun connection for them.

5. School colors!  I'm in charge of dessert for a department picnic for Kevin this weekend.  Look at these pretty purple and orange things I found at Hobby Lobby this week.  I can't wait to make some school color cookies for it.  Baking with team colors is my FAVORITE.

6. Speaking of school colors... we are all trying to add in some more purple to our wardrobes.  Kevin had a big presentation this week and he looked sharp representing his university.  Putting  together men's dress clothes is one of my FAVORITE tasks.

7. Sick days.  Olive stayed home from school a couple days this week.  I loved the extra time with her, but I hated that she didn't feel well.  I'm thankful to be a stay at home mom when things like this come up even though I had to do some juggling to rearrange our week.  She is such a good student and kept up with everything virtually so that she didn't miss too much.  She's back to her usual cute self now.  Is there anything better than wrapping up in a vintage sheet??  They are a FAVORITE at our house.  I grab them any time I see them and we all fight over them.  They're the perfect extra layer without being too hot.

8. Olive got to check out a Knit Kit at her school library.  Their school does the neatest things!  It's quickly becoming a FAVORITE at our house.  She tried hard to give knitting a try, but decided that she's more of a crochet girl.  She went on to make several cute things for her stuffies.  Baskets, bowls and hanging baskets.

9. Silly boys.  These two think it's hilarious to hop into my bed, bury themselves in pillows and pretend to be asleep.  They yell for me to come and find them.  Seeing them play nicely together and make each other laugh is a mom FAVORITE.

10. Leo and I joined a new Mom & Me Bible study this week.  He gets to stay with me the whole time and I get to work on making some new friends while studying the Bible.  We've not tried something like this before so wish us luck!  I'm hopeful that this will be a FAVORITE activity for both of us.  And that I can focus with all of the snacks I'm handing out and cars driving across my Bible.

11. Grocery pick up.  It's my FAVORITE.  It saves me from dragging my crew through the store and I can do it in my pjs late at night.  I went to Walmart yesterday and I'm so thankful to have this as an option to help me feed my family.  I love the pick up option at Sams, too.

12. Snack attack!  I saw this idea somewhere on social media this week and I knew I had to try it.  You slice bananas, top them with some peanut butter.  Then you add a some chocolate and nuts.  I went with dark chocolate and peanuts because I always have them.  You pop them in the freezer to set, store them in an airtight container and end up with the yummiest FAVORITE treat.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  See you back here on Monday :)

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  1. Your charcuterie board is perfection - I love the big soft pretzels on it!! YUM!!!

    I learned to crochet about that same age - & here I am 50 & still love crocheting & also knitting. Its a good skill to learn. Keeps the brain sharp too

  2. I just gave away the kids Yumboxes. Ella said she was not taking them to high school :(

  3. I love the pops of purple and all the delicious food you prepare for the family. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. So fun, Whitney! I keep meaning to ask you where you get your team colors m&ms!


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