Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Pretty Frames Without Spending a Fortune

One of my goals with our new house is to add as many personalized items as I can to make a house feel like home.  We have kid art hunt in various locations so my next focus was printing family pictures and displaying them.  I love to print photos using the Walgreens app.  It's fast, easy and you can almost always find a 50% coupon code online for print orders.  You just order from the app and they can probably be ready for curbside pick up in one hour.  I'd highly recommend them for any regular size printing.

Let's get back to my pretty frame project.  

I knew that I wanted to add some pretty frames to our new bookshelves.  We had unpacked a few that I knew would work in this space and then I collected the rest.  Hobby Lobby frames are crazy expensive.  Even if you catch them at 40-50% off, they still seem too high.  The quality of Walmart frames has gotten pretty terrible.  Almost all of my Walmart frames from the past few years have fallen apart or the stand has broken off.  I won't buy frames from them anymore.

I headed to HomeGoods and hit the jackpot after a couple of visits.  They had tons of frames that were under $15 and the quality was great. I picked up some statement frames for $12.99 and then the rest were under $6.  The whole project cost me around $50.  I'm so happy with the results!

Let me walk you through my process in case you want to do something similar at your house or maybe even for your office??

I never shy away from color at home.  I wanted to find some frames that worked with our family room rug.  I did a mix of golds, grays, blues, wood frames and florals.  Those floral statement frames were the most expensive at $12.99.  They're ceramic and make a big statement on our shelves.  I'd highly recommend finding statement frames for your project.

Lay out all the frames together to see if they all work together.

Up close details to see how the frames all work together.

Next lay out the pictures to see which ones look best with each frame.

The hardest part of this project will be removing the stickers.  Hopefully you'll get lots of freshly priced items where the stickers will peel right off like this one.  Others might require some scrubbing.


Now to find perfect spots for them on the shelves.  I've done some rearranging since I took these pictures, but they all look great in the space.

Could your house use some picture updates?  

Here's a nudge from me to you!  Print photos from your phone now and grab some frames to update your family pictures really easily.


  1. The picture frames add so much to the shelving! I also love using Walgreens for our photos. It's so easy to stop at the corner store and pick up the order. I'll never forget how excited and surprised J's friends were at the after prom party to see all their framed photos from just a few hours before. I definitely need to update our picture frames. I'm waiting since we are kind of in limbo right now as Michael finishes a project and we're not sure what will be next!

  2. These look so great Whitney! Another spot, if you have one nearby, to get get frames is IKEA. You’ve got a great eye for color combos!


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