Tuesday, September 13, 2022

3 Things

If you were to meet with each of us, these are three things we'd each talk about it.  Think of it as current events for every member of our family :)

Olive //

1. She doesn't like math.  It isn't her favorite.  She's happy to tell you that, but she's working hard in math every day and seeing positive results.

2. Making new friends takes a lot of hard work.  Her daily prayer request is usually about tests, making new friends or very specific things in her day.

3. She's got a million ideas, a million projects and is always bargaining for something.  She taught herself how to make her own Amazon wish list.  She's the ring leader of the neighborhood kids and she never has a shortage of plans she wants help executing.  She gives me a to do list most days - renew my library books and look for that missing bag of balloons - were my jobs yesterday.  She gives me grief if my to dos aren't done when she gets home from school.

Fletcher //

1. First grade isn't so bad.  He mostly enjoys it although his daily prayer request is for me to pray that his day goes by really fast and that he has lots of fun.

2. Loves to pick out his own clothes despite having no concept of what goes together.

3. He's quit telling people that he can't read.  He is reading and loves being quizzed on rhyming words or spelling words on his own.  Just don't say the dreaded word - HOMEWORK.  If it's his idea, he loves it.  If it's homework, it's "torture".

Leo //

1. He is the president of the Lightning McQueen fan club.  His ideal world would be a constant loop of Cars 1, 2 and 3 streaming on our TV.

2. He can climb to the top of our backyard climbing dome unassisted.  And then scream at his lungs for help getting down safely.  He's also very proud that he can climb his way to the M&M container in the pantry and open it himself.  The base of his food pyramid would be M&Ms if I would allow it.

3. Leo has lots to say when the big kids are at school and the house is quiet.  And if you don't listen, he smushes your face in his hands until he has his message heard loud and clear.

Whitney //

1. It feels good to have everyone settled enough at school and work that I can focus on things for me.  We're working to make friends, get plugged in and feel connected in our community.  I chatted with 3 new friends that I've been getting to know at church on Sunday and it made me so happy.

2. Daily exercise is back!  It has cooled down just enough that Leo and I are back to walking every day.  Sadly, it looks like our treadmill did not survive the move so I'm thankful that the weather is getting nicer for our walks.

3. It's been tricky to relocate my Jordan Bakery Box business.  I have a big cookie order later this week and I'm so excited!  I've collected all the supplies and ingredients and am ready to do some baking!

Kevin //

1. He's super bummed about the 0-2 start to the Notre Dame season and the uncertainty of losing our QB for the season.  We were really optimistic and excited about our new coach so I'm hoping he'll figure out life at ND and start winning.  We keep talking about heading up to South Bend for a game this season.

2. Work has been busy!!  So many new projects, presentations and he's doing great!

3. He is very proud to have successfully grown jalapenos and green peppers this season.  He planted 3 blueberry bushes and has big plans for adding in more vegetables next year.  He loved walking out to the garden to grab fresh veggies for taco night.   He's also worked hard on our grass and new trees.  They're all looking great!

Now you're all caught up on our latest news!!  What's new with you?


  1. Love reading about each one of you.Did not know Kevin has become a gardner.Interesting insight into each personality. Fun reading about the family growing, changing and adapting..Look forward to reading your blog every day.

  2. What fun! I always love reading about you guys. Leo is so hilarious! I wish I could spend an afternoon with the two of you! You’ll have to have Kevin give all his veggie gardening secrets. Did you do raised beds? Did you add fertilizer to the soil? I’m so impressed! I’ve really only ever been successful with flowers and would love to learn to grow veggies.


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