Monday, August 1, 2022

Wisconsin Deer Park's 70th Birthday

We just love the Wisconsin Deer Park.  It's like no other petting zoo and it is celebrating it's 70th birthday this year.  That is just amazing!  It's such a fun family activity and if you arrive early the deer are very hungry and very friendly to park visitors.  The crowds are low and you can very much go at your own pace.  We love to buy the crackers at the admission point and then buy some cones full of corn and seed throughout the park.  I think the cracker packs are around $6 each and the seed cones are $1 each.

You can see deer, ostriches, turkeys, lemurs, raccoons, buffalo, bunnies, horses, goats and more.  There are animals all over to feed and see.  My kids love feeding the deer and then watching all the others.

Leo was so excited to see the deer, but I will say that it can get very overwhelming for kids in strollers because the deer get right in their faces.  The deer are sweet, but they're eager to eat so we had to shield Leo just a little bit from the snacky deer at first.  The deer just sniff and drool - nothing aggressive.  Once Leo got used to them, he was really happy to have help feeding them.

We learned that it's best to give the adults the cracker packs because the deer will easily take them away from the kids.  So Kevin kept the crackers and handed them out to all of us one at a time.  They lasted much longer this way.

The last time we came to the deer park it was Fall.  It was such a treat to see the deer in Summer with their fuzzy antlers!  I was so neat.

The deer are eager to eat, but are really so gentle to be around.

Olive really enjoyed spotting all the babies with their moms!

The baby goats were fun to watch.

We 100% recommend visiting here with your family!  It's the coolest park.  You can easily stroll through in about an hour stopping to see and feed all the animals.  We always go right when it opens at 9am and have the best time.  We'll definitely be back!  Let me know if you have any deer park questions :)

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