Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Summer (Hope) To Do List

Every Summer we sit down as a family and make a giant list of all the things we HOPE to get to do together during the long break.  We don't stress about crossing every single thing off the list or try to super schedule our days.  Instead, we use the list as a guide for all of our Summer fun.  We all contribute to the list and then we all share excitement for the activities.

Our Summer Family Fun list hangs in our kitchen where we can see it every day.  We reference our list often and Olive has put herself in charge of crossing things off.  We do a mix of free, cheap, & easy along with travel and more splurge type activities.  We talk through the list together and make sure the things are realistic for our Summer and everyone gets to add things.

Here are a few ideas:

FREE: go to the library and check out books, make a music playlist, swim, play at various parks around town, bike rides, visit a local Alpaca farm, movie nights at home and sleepovers.

INEXPENSIVE: get donuts/ice cream, order pizza. grill out, bonfire + s'mores, pick out a craft at Hobby Lobby, go see a kid's matinee movie showing or mail pen pal letters.

SPLURGE: travel, arcades, indoor rock climbing cafe, out to dinner or going to the county fair.


What are some of the things you are excited to do with your family this Summer?

Did we forget anything?

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  1. Love it! I like that you have things sort of divided up by categories as well. Some of the things on our bucket list are drive to the beach to get ice cream, play our invented ball game in the pool, have lunch at our favorite mall food court, but we also threw some stuff in like go through attic boxes and put new lights in the kids’ bathroom. 🤪

  2. What a beautiful and colorful list too! We just went strawberry picking this week.

  3. So fun!! We want to go ride bikes at a local metro-park, go to several local beaches, try a couple new ice cream places nearby, go to the library & read, bonfire & s'mores, and go to some semi-pro soccer matches & baseball games. Bigger things: We want to visit the Cincinnati Zoo (far for us!), we have a ton of sports camps for the kids, a reading club, 2 math clubs. We are even planning a fun camping trip! We've only got 3 days left of school then let the summer fun begin!!


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