Friday, June 18, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I hope you've had a wonderful week.  It was a good one for our family.  Let me show you our favorite moments of the week!

1 // Circus - we got to go to the circus thanks to some generous friends giving us tickets.  We weren't prepared for the heat inside the tent.  We were all dripping wet when we left.  A huge storm also blew through mid circus that thankfully cooled things off a bit.  The kids got to see some neat acts, some daring stunts and they got to ride an elephant!  Both said it was scary and awesome.  I'm glad that they got to ride together.

2 // USA - we celebrated Flag Day, did some flag art and are wearing and eating as much red, white and blue as possible this Summer.  I ordered a big flag for our deck and can't wait to hang it up.  The kids loved these edible flag lunches I made for them.  I was having trouble finding the patriotic M&Ms in the store, but Sams came through for me.

3 // Geodes - Olive got a geode kit for her birthday and she had the best time busting them open this week.

4 // Jordan Bakery Boxes - I built protein packed Father's Day boxes several days this week.  They turned out so good!  I collaborated with a local vendor friend who sell protein bites and tried some new ingredients.  I think it's my best box yet.

5 // Charcuterie board dinner - My family LOVES having this for dinner.  It was an extra pretty board.  It felt like the perfect mix of salty, fruits and veggies, dips, meats and cheeses.

6 // Fowler Park - We met friends at a new to us park this week.  The playground was awesome!  We saw a couple of bald eagles fly over, walked over a covered bridge and explored their pioneer village.  We can't wait to go back with Kevin.

7 // Sweet trio - These two love Leo so much.  This week I caught them fighting over who was going to feed him his smoothie when he got up from his nap.  They compromised and took turns.  It's fun to see them figuring out their Summer routines of being together 24/7 again.

8 // Sisters - Penny & Pearl are the sweetest cats.  They're dilute Calicos and they are just so pretty.  We tell them that all the time.  They're best buddies and are loving to all of us.  They love the kids and love hanging out with me in the evenings when the house is quiet.

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I'm signing off for next week and taking a real Summer break.  I'll be back at the end of June.  See you soon!


  1. Your bakery boxes are spectacular! How cool to get to ride an elephant…wow! Enjoy your well deserved week off my friend :)

  2. So cool that they got to ride an Elephant!! WHat a fun week! Enjoy your break!

  3. I'm glad you had such a good week! You have my sympathy and I'm awarding you bonus mom points for enduring the hot circus! :) I can see the heat on Olive's face in that pic, I'm glad they had good time in spite of the temps. :) Penny and Pearl have really gotten big. It's crazy how quickly they go from being kittens to full grown cats. I will miss your posts next week but I'm glad you're able to step away for a break. We all need those!

  4. The circus looks so fun! We took Grace to the big Ringling Bros. circus when she was 2. It was scary for her, but we tried to make the best of it. What a great playground! Amazing that you saw eagles. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a nice blog break!


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