Friday, June 11, 2021

Summer Happies

We've really been enjoying the slower pace of Summer.  Rarely setting alarms, staying up a little later, playing outside and going on adventures.  It took us a few days of too much screen time and too much bugging your siblings for us to find our routine, but we're getting there one adventure at a time.  I don't think it's a coincidence that the more we do, create, read, and enjoy the happier we are.  So here's to less screen time and more adventures.  What are your Summer screen times rules?

1 // Date Night - Our favorite babysitters are moving away to go on their internships at the end of the month.  They've been with us since Fletcher was a baby and we are going to miss them tons.  We squeeze in one, middle of the week date night so that they could babysit for us one last night. 

I also got a new foundation that I'm loving.  I want to wear it for a little longer and then I'll come back here with a review of it :)

2 // Summer Reading Program.  We got the whole family signed up for our local Summer reading program.  We're all reading, earning tickets for prizes and enjoying it.  It's all free!

3 // We grilled out with friends and played with water toys.  Hooray for normalcy returning!

4 // Our vegetable garden is doing great!  Everything is growing, flowering and it looks so promising for our first vegetable garden attempt.  The kids check on it every day.  We've had a fair amount of rain which has made it really easy to take care of so far this Summer.

I'm still LOVING my favorite Aldi water shoes.  They're Native knock offs and are perfect for gardening.  They were only $6.99!

5 // Dinner Charcuterie Boards.  I used up all the little bits of food for this dinner board.

6 // Road trip.  We went on a little road trip to visit my aunt and uncle who were visiting from South Carolina.  The military museum in Vincennes Indiana is a really cool spot.  We were there about a month ago and it was fun to go back.  My uncle Jack and Mike were both in the Navy so it was cool to hear things from their perspective. 

We also visited the George Rodgers Clark Memorial.  It was a cool piece of history.

7 // Creative Kids.  The kids are using their imaginations to start businesses (personalized bookmarks), create their own games (Barbies go to camp) and are playing together pretty well.

8 // Parks.  We're checking out parks with friends.  Finding frogs and riding the train.  We put all the parks in our city on our summer to do list and are eager to rotate playing at all of them.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  We've got some fun things planned :)

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  1. So much Summer Fun! YAY for date nights. I just told Ben we need a date night!

  2. I love seeing a glimpse of your summer. Fun times! Screen time definitely can be a challenge. I'm happy that it is not too much of an issue for us this summer because both kids have jobs now. They are staying busy, which makes everyone happy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Date nights are the best! I definitely find that less screens and more activities makes us a happier crew too but it's getting harder and harder as the boys get older and older.


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