Monday, June 14, 2021

Homemade Fresh Strawberry Butter

I took the kids strawberry picking last week.  It was so fun and so hot.  Typical Summer activity - right?!?  We arrived at the patch before 10am with sunscreen on and confident in our berry picking skills.  Leo was the wildcard (as usual) and he did great.

We went to our favorite spot - Ditzler Orchard.  Their berries were amazing this year.  They have had record breaking crowds and an extra long picking season.  I'm so happy for their farm after what covid + a late frost did to their strawberry crop last year.

The big kids picked almost 10lbs of strawberries and Leo did his best to eat 10lbs of berries.  It cost us $13 total.  Not too shabby for a morning of fun and lots of berries to take home.

We made a fresh strawberry pie, ate tons of berries and I made some strawberry butter.  It turned out great and I was shocked at how easy it was to make.


Homemade Fresh Strawberry Butter

It really couldn't have been easier.  You only need 3 ingredients.

1 stick room temp butter

1/2 c strawberries - washed, hulled and top trimmed off

1/8 c powdered sugar


Blend the berries first in your Ninja food mixer or any food processor.  Add in the softened butter and sugar.  Blend until smooth.  Scoop it into a jar and refrigerate.  Serve at room temp.  We loved it on crusty bread.  It's the prettiest butter for Summer.

The 2021 Berry Picking Team.

The big kids filled their basket and Leo filled his belly.  I picked a couple berries for him and he caught on very quickly to be able to pick his own berries.

We got to take a golf cart out to the fields and a tractor back.  Leo gave both of the farmers this scowl despite them both being very nice.  We were thankful for the rides around the farm.

Can you tell that Leo is saying YUMMMM???  People picking nearby kept smiling at the sight of Leo really enjoying his time at the strawberry patch.

We picked and sampled and the whole outing took about an hour.  I helped both kids fill their baskets, but they were pretty great pickers on their own.  They've been many times before.  Leo really did just plop down in our row and chow down.

In case you thought I was kidding.  Look at this.  He was COVERED in strawberries when we left from head to toe.  It was hilarious and made everyone we talked to smile.  He gives the 2021 Indiana strawberry crop a big thumb's up.

We came home and made strawberry pie together for the first time.  Leo was napping so Olive and Fletcher helped me cut the stems off the berries, measure ingredients, roll out the pie crust and stir the filling.  They were proud of their pie, but decided that the pie was probably more of a grown up treat after trying it.

I love a good throwback.  Fletcher strawberry picking in 2017 and Leo in 2021.  Same outfit. Same love for the strawberries.  Fletcher hated berry picking that year.  Leo loved it.

Who could you make strawberry butter for this Summer??


  1. I JUST checked our local strawberry fields and no one has picking available yet!! I keep being afraid I'll miss it, it seems later than usual. But when we finally are able to pick, I'm totally going to make that strawberry butter! Yum!!

    Also-- oh my. All the feels with the throwback comparison of the boys! So sweet!

  2. Ok! That sound really good! Lots of fun strawberry picking!


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