Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Olive's Birthday Recap

Olive's birthday weekend went very differently than we'd planned.

Everyone ended up getting sick and we were dragging all weekend.  Yuck!!  Thankfully, we felt the best on her birthday and then post-poned to this week.  She still had a nice day, but gosh, it's disappointing when things don't work out the way you had planned.

She woke up early to open gifts on her actual birthday - May 29th.  The boys did a pretty good job being excited for her.  Leo was eager to help and didn't appreciate being told to let Olive open her own gifts - ha!

We surprised her with a mix of things from her wish list and surprises.  She's really into the Target Our Generation Dolls, arts and crafts, Perler Beads and a bedside lamp.  I also surprised her with a Skip-It.  I just loved mine when I was a kid.  She's getting really good at it.

I made her favorite #8 cinnamon rolls (Aldi from a can).  Yes, I could have spent hours making homemade cinnamon rolls, but truthfully, the canned ones are their favorite.  So I pressed the easy button and made her day.

A friend sent her the coolest DOTS Lego sets for her birthday.  She built bracelets and a jewelry box.  They are so cool!

We went on a girl's only outing to shop for some new Cats vs Pickles plushies, browsed the store and then she asked, "Can we just stroll through the garden center to see if we can find any beautiful plants!?!"  She's a girl after my own heart.  We had lots of fun together!

Kevin took Olive and Fletcher to a local arcade to play a different day.  They love doing things just for big kids and I stayed home with Leo.

We spent a LOT of time in our pjs, under blankets, snuggling and resting.  We ordered Door Dash and enjoyed lots of good movies.

I hope she remembers that when she turned 8 things didn't go as planned, but we still had fun together.

We had plans to do her traditional donut cake for her birthday, but no one was up for donuts.  We went and grabbed DQ blizzards instead and it was reallly fun.

Now we are ready to kick off Summer break :)

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  1. Being 8 is AWESEOME! Happy Birthday, Olive! I so wish I had kitty cat headbands when I was a little girl!


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