Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Amazon Favorites: Balloon Garlands

Today my Amazon Favorites post is just going to be about one thing.  

I know... I know... what could be so amazing that it deserves a full feature on my monthly Amazon haul!?!


Have you ever made one?  I've always wanted to give them a try and Olive requested one for her birthday.  She helped me shop around and decided on this unicorn themed garland.  It was about $15 and I was so impressed.  There were TONS of balloons, all the supplies you'd need and we easily had enough balloons to make two garlands.  All the balloons you see here are just half the balloons that come in the $15 set I'll link below.

I used my electric balloon pump and we had so much fun making this.

The pump is so user friendly that the kids could blow up the balloons, pinch them closed and then hand them to me to tie them.  We had a great time working on this project together.  I had the kids hand me a variety of balloons and after watching a quick youtube video, I was set to start assembling.

You just alternate putting a balloon on the top of the balloon strip and then the next one goes on the bottom.  It's so simple.  There are so many pretty color combos and if you don't like the placement of a balloon when you get done, you can move it.  The balloon strip the kit comes with is very sturdy.  I just kept adding balloons to the strip until it was long enough for our mantle.  I attached the balloons to the fireplace with packing tape.

The kids and the kittens had fun playing with all these balloons.

I've heard that these garlands can last for WEEKS.  Ours looks amazing after several days and I'll report back on just how long it holds up.

I am already scoping out options for 4th of July, Kevin's birthday, Back to School, Halloween, etc.  There are so many possibilities.  I'll link my pump and the balloon garland kits below.

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I hope you find a garland that catches your eye for Summer!

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  1. I’ve thought about getting one of these for a few years! Love how yours turned out!

  2. I loved our balloon garland for Grace's graduation! I'm catching up on blog reading after my vacation! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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