Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Winter Wardrobe Tips & Tricks

I'm giving myself a winter outfit challenge.  My hope is that I'll start wearing more things in my closet, find new favorite outfit combinations and keep myself from getting bored with my clothes.

It can be tempting to just buy new things every season.  However, that's not realistic and it'll leave you with a ton of clothes.  My game plan is to pick up a few new things every seasons that I love and avoid the temptation to BUY BUY BUY.

First, I made sure that all the things hanging in my closet were things that fit, things that I loved and things that made me feel good at the beginning of winter.  I sold, donated or threw out the items that didn't make the cut.  I can't tell you how much better I feel about getting dressed in the mornings knowing that I could wear any combination of clothes hanging in my closet.

Before/During & After:
Kevin's stuff on top.  Mine on the bottom.
A bit of a train wreck + a cat.

All white hangers.
Only hang up clothes for the current season.
Tops all together sorted by types.
Vests, sweaters, cardigans and pants on the other side.
I love this set up!
Off season clothes neatly folded and stored in the top of the closet along with off season shoes.

Second, figure out a formula to making outfits you love.  I love skinny jeans, booties and pretty tops.  Throw on some leather earrings and I'm set.  This type of outfit work for me in all types of settings for my mom life - library, church, appointments, Bible study, errands, etc.

I'm currently loving these distressed Rockstar skinnies from Old Navy and my new Lucky booties.  And floral print is always a favorite.

Outfit #1

Thanks to my sweet hubby for always snapping outfit pictures for me.  I love this picture of these three cuties!

Outfit #2
I have five or six plaid flannels that I love to wear.  Most are either from GAP or Old Navy.  I love the lightweight, soft ones the most.

Outfit #3
I also love a bold lip with any outfit.  Isn't this mauve color so pretty??

Outfit #4
Is pattern mixing still a thing??  I don't really care - I love it!

Outfit #5
Third, if an outfit makes you feel good, wear it a lot!  I love this top and blazer combo.  See what I mean - I love these jeans - so much that they made it in every outfit picture I snapped this month - ha! 

Last, Pair down your accessories.  I've gone through my coats, scarves and shoes.  I only kept the ones that I really love wearing.  I need to go through my necklaces next.  I rarely wear a necklace so it shouldn't be too hard to weed some out.

FYI I've been living in my Walmart puffer jackets this winter.  They are so warm.  I'm still in shock that they were under $20.

What wardrobe challenges are you facing??  Could your closet benefit from a clean out?  I love projects like that and wish I could come help all of you organize your homes.


  1. Love all your outfits. I organize my closet the same way; by type.
    Love that pattern mixing.

  2. I'm planning to do a big closet clean out soon. Basically, if I didn't wear it in 2018, it's out the door. Cute outfits!

  3. I love these posts! You’ve got great style! Your closet looks great. I think mine could stand to be organize sometime soon. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. That first top on you is so cute! I love it. Great tips and YES, pattern mixing is still a thing😉❤️XO

  5. Love your style, and LOVE a bold lip as well!!!!

  6. I love your style! Right now I'm currently folding up shirts and pants that I can't wear anymore. And hopefully keeping some stretchy shirts down to wear as long as I can. Since our space is so small, I always clean out the closet for Spring/Summer and then Fall/Winter. I keep my clothes in a big tub and it is like Christmas when I get to trade out stuff. I tend to forget what I have.

  7. Most definitely facing wardrobe challenges right now bahaha. Maternity clothes are the worst. I miss real clothes and am quite envious of your cute and fun pairings!!

  8. I need to go through all of our closets and clean out. I certainly have things I thought I loved but don't wear. I am trying to wear more too, maybe I need to setup a challenge for myself!

  9. I try to do a clean out every year - I turn all of my hangers around so they hook around the bar from the back and then as I wear things the hangers get flipped the right way. After awhile you can easily spot what you don't wear often!

  10. You're so cute! I often feel like if I'm not wearing a pattern my outfit is blah! Hahah I need to get out my flannels more because they add a great pop!

  11. You are the BEST dressed gal!!!
    I love your style, love your fashion tips and just love you!💗

  12. I love your fashion posts and tips!!! They really inspire me because you utilize affordable pieces and give clear, simple explanations. Some of my favorite posts of yours! Plus your food/entertaining posts.

  13. Can you give tips on some spring items to add to wardrobe to update for the season? I would love a future post about this.


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