Monday, April 24, 2017

April Recipe Round Up

I have so many yummy recipes to share with you today!  I did a lot of cooking this month so I hope you can find at least one new recipe to try.  We tried new things and had a delicious month.  We eat together as a family almost every night so it's fun to come up with a menu of yummy things to look forward to eating with everyone.  I think the favorite food of the month were the omelets with the quesadillas a close second.

I FINALLY figured out the secret for making omelets this month.  Usually I'd attempt them and then end up making scrambled eggs out of them because it didn't work.  Well, let me tell you the secret: Pour all of the ingredients into a hot skillet and let them cook.  DO NOT flip or fold your omelet until it is almost all the way cooked.  I always tried to flip it too soon.  It's got to be nearly all the way cooked before it can be flipped or turned.  You're welcome.
We each picked our favorite ingredients and had different omelets.  I did ham and sharp cheddar for mine and Kevin picked turkey sausage, onions, peppers and sharp cheddar.

We've only been eating baby spinach for our salad greens this month.  It's the cheapest dark green lettuce option at Sams and it lasts way longer in my fridge than mixed greens.  I made an Easter Salad with all of my favorite Easter foods.  It was delicious with Honey Mustard Dressing.  Ken's is my favorite.

black beans (drained & salted)
your favorite salsa
sharp cheddar cheese
tortilla shells
+ all the fixings (sour cream, more salsa & guac)

Load everything onto your tortilla shells and toast each side.
Super easy and Super yummy!!

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago called Black Bean Fan Club with all of my favorite black bean recipes in case you're a black bean lover like me :)

2 bags of boil in a bag white rice
1 chopped onion
1 chopped carrot
1 c frozen peas
soy sauce

My family loves fried rice and this was an easy side to whip up at home.

I bought a bag of Sweet Potatoes at Sams and they were HUGE.  I halved them and baked them for sides this month.  I washed them, cut them in half, drizzed on olive oil, sea salt and cinnmon.  They were amazing with a sprinkle of brown sugar at the end.
 I also added craisins to a pouch of quinoa for a side and it was delish!

I made a big batch of crock pot shredded chicken and we had quesadillas several times this month.  I just buy one bag of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and put them in a crockpot frozen for 6 or so hours.  Shred them and then add taco seasoning.  Two ingredients and it's delicious!
I add onions to Kevins, make plain cheese quesadillas for my kids and then chicken and cheese for me.  I always use sharp cheddar cheese.

We picked up these premade crab cakes on super sale at Meijer this month.  They were tasty and it was a really easy dinner.  I'd love to learn to make my own crab cakes, but for now the premade kind were delicious.

Have you tried any new recipes lately??

Now I'm starving!!  Which recipes are you anxious to try???
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  1. Delicious!! I've never been good at omeletes. I need to read a tutorial or something. Ha ha!

  2. I stink at making omelets! I am going to have to try out method because my guys LOVE omelets!

  3. I am going to give your rice a try! I love fried rice but it can be really high in points so maybe I can use yours as a starting point and work it to fit my needs.

  4. YUM.
    You always make the yummiest meals!! I LOVE crab cakes- maybe I will have Aaron pick up some for an easy and tasty Mother's Day dinner! Have a wonderful day friend!

  5. I always end up making scrambled eggs too! I guess I will try it your way and see how it goes friend. Thanks for the tip!

  6. What a yummy month of deliciousness!

  7. As always, everything looks delicious!! You're so smart to prep a batch of chicken for Mexican food. I love crab cakes - I've never purchased them pre-made but they looked delicious. Thanks for the tip on when to flip omelettes! I always end up with scrambled eggs too, so I'll definitely try to wait longer next time. :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  8. This made me hungry! We love eggs at our house! I need to do omelets more. Russ is good at them!

  9. I need to make an omelet now! I miss eating those and that looks delish!

  10. These look so good! We picked up some crab cakes on Monday (after I read this) and Emma LOVED them! Olivia would try them bc she's a brat, whatever. Lol. I've been getting omlets at work and they've been a great way to get a ton of veggies in without me having to do the work! ;) Plus, it's $1.93 so how can I beat that?


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