Monday, April 10, 2017

Easy Easter Ideas

I thought I'd share some of my favorite Easter traditions from years past.  I hope you can find some fun activities to do with your family in the days leading up to Easter.  I'm hoping to make some cupcakes, sugar cookies to share with our friends, egg hunts and yummy food.  

I made homemade cinnamon rolls, but this could easily be done with store bought cinnamon rolls.  Just be sure to buy the kind that unroll.  These are my husband's favorite so I'm sure he's hoping these make an appearance at our house this week.

In case you're still looking for things a 2 year old would love in their Easter basket...

Head over to instagram (@polkadottyplace) to see what my Easter chalkboard looks like this year.  I collaborated with my favorite three year old to come up with the design.

Here are all the things I put in baby Olive's Easter basket.

When I was teaching elementary school I was in charge of doing a lot of the art.  I LOVED it!  I gave my students tons of supplies and asked them to make their own Easter Bunny.  They turned out so cute and we did a fun writing prompt to introduce their bunnies.

I got this darling Nordicware egg shaped muffin pan several years ago.  I love making egg shaped muffins in it this time of year.  The bunny pan was a great thrift store find.

What are you crafting, baking, cooking this week??


  1. Love all of these ideas! That spring chalkboard is so pretty!

  2. I am loving the make your own Easter Bunny! I think the girls and I might do that tomorrow. Thank you for the inspiration Whitney. You always have some great ideas!

  3. What's Olive's middle name? I don't know if I know it!


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