Thursday, April 13, 2017

DINOmite Dinosaur 1st Birthday Party

We had a blast planning, preparing and hosting Fletcher's first birthday party.  We went with a dinosaur theme since he goes around roaring at people and loves playing with his dinosaurs.  I love a good theme so this seemed perfect.  My nephew asked my sister, "What's the theme??" when she told him it was time to go to Fletcher's party!  So sweet that he has already picked up that Aunt Whitney loves to throw a themed party.

I picked up some cute things at lots of different places so I'll try to let you know where everything was from.  We did a dino party with each side of our families one weekend and packed up all our party supplies to have it at my parent's house and then Kevin's parents house.  Right now it's easier for us to travel to all of our family instead of asking all of them to make the trip up to us.

There are LOTS of cute dinosaur details 
so I am doing one GIANT dinosaur post instead of several little ones.  

Party #1 DINO Details:
I mailed out invitations that I made in Picmonkey.  I did a little dinosaur photo shoot with Fletcher and added a couple of my favorite pictures to the invitation.  I love making them and love that they're free.  I always print my invitations at Sams because they give you free envelopes.

Dinosaur tracks on the back of all of the envelopes we mailed out.
I just stamped our toy dinosaur's feet in paint.

Treat bags:
Dinosaur erasers and finger puppets from Meijer.

Sweet Treats for the Sweetivores:
Chocolate chip cookies, White chocolate covered dinosaur bones & Funfetti cupcakes.

 Dinosaur Party Hats:
We used scrapbook paper, pom poms and a glue gun to make these cute hats.  Olive loved helping me.  She picked out the color combos. 

 Dinosaur Table:
Wrapping paper table runner and paper straws (24pk for $1!!!) from Dollar tree, napkins, dinosaurs, and succulents from Wal-Mart.  We served a nacho bar for my family and I couldn't have pulled it off without my mom's help.  She chopped, cooked and cleaned all before we got there so I could just rush into town and decorate right before the party.  Everything turned out great! 

I decorated with Fletcher's Dinosaur photo shoot pictures and they were really sweet.  I also added some fun dinosaur themed food labels that the kids liked.  Jurassic Juice, Dinosaur eyes, 

 I found these dinosaur masks on Amazon and the cousins LOVED them!  Both of my kids wore dinosaur shirts from Target for the party.

Fletcher had lots of help opening gifts.  He didn't mind one bit.

Sweets for the Sweetivores

 The dino party was a success!!

Thanks for a fun party weekend, Mimi & Papaw!
Fletcher's dinosaur t-shirt was from Old Navy.

Party #2:
I just reworked all of the same party decorations for a new space at Kevin's parent's house.
I loved the long table lay out with all the succulents, dinosaurs and pictures.

Kevin was in charge of the burgers and I helped Kevin's mom with all the sides inside.

 I no longer have any living grandparents so this picture is super sweet to me.  Fletcher has FOUR GREAT GRANDPARENTS on Kevin's side and they were all able to come to his party.  He sat at the table and just smiled and talked to everyone through dinner.  It was precious.

He was way more excited about his burger than his cake.

Fletcher really took to Papa... he blew him a kiss and tried to snuggle him when we was leaving.  It was super sweet!

I found fun dinosaur figures at The Dollar Tree, Amazon & Wal-Mart.  I gave them to Fletcher for his birthday and then used them for decorations.  He LOVES them and both kids play with them all day long.

Thanks for sharing in our dinosaur FUN!!


  1. Soooooo cute! I love how you stamped the envelops... really great idea!

  2. You are such an amazing party planner!! Everything about this Dino party is just perfect!! Thanks for sharing all the special details friend!!😊

  3. Way to go, Mama! You did a fantastic job...down to every last detail! I loved how you labeled all the food too - great idea! Can't wait to hear what's Olive's theme is :-)

  4. This party is ADORABLE! I especially love the dinosaur birthday hats!

  5. Alll the cute details! Love it! I think the dino tracks on the invites and the party hats on the dinos are my fave! So simple!

  6. Super cute details! I love a good theme carried throughout, and I too swoon over seeing our kids with great grandparents, it's a really sweet dynamic. And FLetcher can have a plate?! T would launch that immediately. I still have to dump everything right onto the high chair tray for that little mess pot. hah Awesome job pulling off two fab parties friend!

  7. The cutest party!! I seriously can't believe that he is ONE! That went so fast.

    I loved all of the little touches and all of your food has me feeling seriously hungry!....but it's ten o clock :p

  8. I think my favorite part of all your party decor has to be the tiny dino hats. That is such a fun little touch!! :) You are so good at throwing themed parties, I always love seeing what you put together. You do a great job finding the perfect things at great prices! (As always, I'm swooning over your MIL's kitchen)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  9. Oh my goodness you did such an amazing job! I am LOVING the decor and the food and that sweet boy. Plus you did such a great job remembering to take photos too! I can never seem to balance it all.

  10. Seriously, write a party planning book. And then give me royalties because it was my idea, hahaha.

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