Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy Friday!!

We had a busy, fun week at our house.  Everyone was feeling better and we got to do a lot of fun things.  The weather has been gorgeous so our yard got some much needed attention.  We moved a ton of landscaping rocks and by we I mean Kevin.  I encountered a GIANT spider and called it quits.  We've got fun plans for our yard and landscaping so it's exciting to get the ball rolling on those projects.  We're excited for the weekend even though it's supposed to be a rainy one in Indiana.

The BEST parts of our week:

// 1 //
I picked up this darling banner at Target recently.  If fits our donut loving family perfectly and I hunt it right above our kid table in the kitchen.

// 2 //
My husband's work schedule has been packed with conferences, wrapping up the semester, his research lab and travel lately.  So he sent me out on a solo date to do anything I wanted.  I headed to TJ Maxx (duh!), found some birthday presents for Olive, did some consigning and scoped out the flowers at Lowes.  When do you start planting your flower pots for Spring??

// 3 //
My three year old requested homemade pizza for dinner this week.  We got the ingredients at the store and she was thrilled to help me make it.  When it came time to eat dinner she said, "Actually I do not like pizza!"  Insert eye roll.  The rest of us enjoyed the delicious pizza.

// 4 //
It looks like Fletcher's room is going to be the first bedroom that is completely finished.  I finished his alphabet mobile this month and just need to take time to photograph the room.  It turned out darling and I learned that I really love decorating for a little boy.

// 5 //
Summer means my husband has a more relaxed work schedule, pool days, family walks around our neighborhood, seeing more family and friends and enjoying being outside.  So this warm weather has made us anxious for all things summer (minus the humidity!!)  We've been having so much fun with our bubble blower!  Fletcher learned how to operate it himself and he was thrilled.  Don't anyone else dare touch the start button when he's around.  He's doing great with his walking and Olive is thrilled that it is dress weather again.  Kevin and Olive also snuck out to Dairy Queen one evening to bring us back Blizzards for dessert.  Tasted like Summer!!

Polka-Dotty Place Week in Review:
Thank you for all of your kind, encouraging comments on my infertility story yesterday.

I hope you have a really great weekend!!

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  1. Such a great week and I love that you got to sneak away on a solo date. I loooveeee your floral Kate Spade bag!!😍Hope you have a great weekend despite this funky weather we're supposed to have!!

  2. That sign is awesome! I saw it at Target and it made me smile. :) We have had tons of rain in the last week, but we've also had really warm days when it wasn't raining. It's gonna feel like summer here within days. We don't have much of a spring in NC.

  3. Your son's room is absolutely adorable! I saw that sign at Target and have a friend whose daughter is obsessed with donuts, so she needs to snag it before they're sold out! Stopping over from the link up! Hope you can hop by my blog as well. Have a great weekend!

  4. So nice to have a mom date solo! It's soo needed for all of us! I also have never noticed how much your daughter looks like your husband until they were side by side ha! Fletcher's room is perfect! I love the mobile. Happy Friday!

  5. That donut sign is too cute. I love Fletcher's room. You did a great job!


  6. homemade pizza is the best! we make it once a week and it's my favorite! i love that donut sign too! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. I always wait until after mother's day to plant my flowers- I always want to sooner but it totally comes back to haunt me if I do. It seems like we always at least get one last frost right before. So, a few more weekends and then I'll have flowers! :)

  8. We did some work on our landscaping today...and by we I mean Paul. LOL. I am glad that your hubby is as willing as mine to handle the "heavy lifting" in the yard! :) It sounds like you're easing right on into summer, DQ Blizzards are a great way to do that! I wish I could come flower shopping with you - I need lots of help and advice on what to put out on my porch. Hope you have a lovely weekend and that there's at least one breakfast of donuts in there! :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  9. You know my love for donuts runs deep. That banner is complete perfection. Oh man what Olive said about pizza sounds EXACTLY like something my Emily would do. Silly little girls.

  10. Fletcher's room is adorable! And if she doesn't want that pizza, I do!

  11. Homemade pizza is so yummy! I think I need to incorporate that into my meal schedule soon. It is one of my missions this week to go pick out some flowers for our porch. I'm ready for some warmer temps too. DQ blizzards sound really good right now! We have a local ice cream shop that makes a similar treat called the Tornado. They're good too, but sometimes you need the original!

  12. Yum that pizza looks soooo good! Homemade pizza has been on our dinner rotation for a few weeks and we just can't get enough!


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