Thursday, April 6, 2017

Florida Fun in the Sun

We had nearly perfect weather when we were in Florida.  It rained one night, but it was sunny every day.  It made our adventures easy to plan.  Since we were there in the Spring, we found lots to do that didn't involve the water.  We tried to balance out fun plans, water plans and low key plans at home so we would all have some down time.  It worked out great and the kids did really well.  But, traveling with kids is a lot of work.  We had to shake our heads at times when things were falling apart and just tried to laugh off the crazy moments.  I'll tell you a few of the lows mixed in with all of the highs of our trip below.

We visited here last year and it was a favorite stop.  We knew we'd enjoy it more when the temps were cooler so we made plans to go.  We got there and there was a line out to the parking lot with at least an hour wait to get in.  We opted to go somewhere else so we turned around and headed there.  Olive started acting a little funny and got car sick.  We pulled over, cleaned her up and headed home to take it easy instead.  We went back again first thing in the morning and had a much better time.  Second time's the charm apparently :)

I packed layers for everyone and it was kind of nice to need them.  We pushed two strollers and then I wore Fletcher towards the end when he was getting tired.  The plants are stunning and the zoo is really beautiful.  They offered camel rides this year, but Olive was NOT interested in that nonsense.

We had fun spotting the animals in each of their enclosures.

Olive LOVED getting up close and personal with the giraffes.  It was really fun to learn more about them and be so close.  They only sleep about an hour a day!  Isn't that amazing???

 Fletcher paid attention to some animals, but was mostly just happy to ride along.

We headed to the outlets and the kids did great.  We shopped fast, looked at all the fish ponds and flowers and brought snacks to keep them entertained.  I gave Olive all of my change because she was having so much fun making wishes in the fountain.  We each found great things and were back on the road in no time.


There were several fun, FREE playgrounds in the area.

This was our first visit here and it won't be our last.  It was such a neat hidden treasure in Naples.  It's not super well advertised so we were glad someone told us about it.

 The Children's Gardens were amazing.  HUGE tree house.

The Butterfly House.  We were hoping butterflies would land on us, but they didn't.  They were beautiful to watch.

 This play house was amazing!  It was full of tiny chairs and tiny brooms.  
Olive said, "You can just come back and get me later."

 There were water features, plants of all varieties and we didn't even see half of what they had.  It was stunning!

 These two were feeling brave to walk out to the island.
It was so sweet!

Thanks for a great trip Nanny & Grandpa!!

 I got crab cakes and key lime pie so I was thrilled.

Our annual picture in front of Tommy Bahama after dinner.

We're super excited for summer after this trip!


  1. Wow! You found so many fun things to do. I went to the Naples Zoo as a child and loved it. Olive and your hubby were brave to go out to the island. I think the kids and I would have fallen in. Ha ha!

  2. Yay! We visited the botanical gardens years ago when my family vacationed in Naples and I remember how stunning everything is there. Vacation is always more work when you're the wife and/or mom...but it sounds like you did a great job of planning ahead AND going with the flow! :) Bravo. Loved all your pictures and your cute outfits!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  3. Oh friend....this post has me SO ready for flip flops, the pool and SUNSHINE!!! Naples seems like such a wonderful place to spend neat you are able to travel down there every year!!! You are right- traveling with kids is definitely not what most would consider "relaxing"- but the time spend together as a family is priceless. Lara Casey wrote a post on her instagram account how her and husband viewed their latest vacation and it totally resonated with me!! I will text you the link to the specific post!! :)

  4. Oh my goodness so many great adventures were had. I love that play house. I can't blame Olive one little bit for wanting to hang out there for a while. It is a little girls dream spot! Exploring new locations on vacation is always so fun and so exciting.

  5. I loved your pics! What a great vacation. That pie looks so yummy. And the botanical gardens looked amazing! I'll bet Olive is still talking about that adorable playhouse. :) Thanks for sharing your photos with us!


  6. I loved your pics! What a great vacation. That pie looks so yummy. And the botanical gardens looked amazing! I'll bet Olive is still talking about that adorable playhouse. :) Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

  7. These outings look so fun! Great ideas for couples with kids! I loooooove that weather. Looks like you had a great trip!

  8. When we are on vacation I make it my goal to find us a new park to discover! It's the Mom in me... never not thinking of fun for the little one.


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