Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday Talk: Best Summer Ice Cream Treats

I LOVE ice cream and my freezer usually has a couple different varieties in it at any given time.  I grew up eating ice cream cones for snacks, home made blizzards and I just love the stuff.  I thought I'd round up some of my favorite ice cream treat recipes to share with you today.

Hope you find at least one you'd like to try!!

 What's your favorite summer treat??

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  1. At least one?? I'd like to have them ALL!!! :)

  2. YUM!! Henry and I have "make a snack" on our weekly to-to list and I think ice cream treats will happen many weeks!

  3. I love ice cream too, probably a little too much. My favorite ice cream ever is homemade peach. I don't care for a lot of toppings with my ice cream. I don't mind a blizzard type as long as it is just one type of candy and I prefer Heath bar or Oreo. I'm a plain Jane when it comes to my ice cream. I can eat ice cream for every season and it is a must in the freezer.

  4. Ice cream is hands down my favorite summer treat! Paul really loves chocolate pudding pie in a graham cracker crust, and we eat that pretty frequently in the summer. Dairy Queen cakes are my birthday cake of choice - I will check out your recipe for the copycat one!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  5. My goodness these look decadent and wonderful! Maybe one of my cheat days will allow me to bake some chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches - I get giddy thinking about it.

  6. I would gladly try all of these. Thanks for the great ideas 😊.

  7. I would gladly try all of these. Thanks for the great ideas 😊.


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