Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer Fun To Do List

When the calendar says JUNE, it feels like summer has arrived.  We're really excited for the coming summer and have lots of things we'd like to squeeze in from now through August.  So instead of setting goals for the summer, I am going to share our list of fun things we're hoping to get to do together as a family this summer.

1. Try out several new RESTAURANTS in our city.  We've got coupons and a long list of recommended places to visit so we are going to work our way through them.

2. Go on family WALKS around our new neighborhood and favorite park.

3. BACKYARD fun!  We've missed having a backyard so we are definitely going to be sidewalk chalking, bubble blowing, water table playing, pool hopping, sand boxing and working in our yard.

4. GRILLING out.  We have a nice deck so we plan to eat many meals on the patio.

5. MOVE into our new house and settle into our place.  Decorate, unpack and hang things on the walls.  I cannot wait!!

6. Go on a few ROAD TRIPS in Indiana and outside of Indiana.  Visit family and friends and explore some new places.  I'd love to take Olive to a zoo nearby or maybe a children's museum.

7. CELEBRATE July 4th, Kevin's birthday, our 12th anniversary and more.

8. Head to the POOL as much as possible and Kevin wants to GOLF a lot.  We'll go to the pool while he golfs and occasionally hop on the golf cart with him to ride around and watch him play.

9. Work hard to plan and fix HEALTHY meals for the family.  I'd love to get back into wearing my Fitbit, eating better and exercising regularly.

10. Take advantage of fun LOCAL festivals, activities and traditions during the summer.  It's our first summer in our new city so I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for all the fun things going on.

11. Head to the BEACH for our annual trip with my in laws.

12. Hang out with our FRIENDS.  Invite people over to our house and accept invitations to do fun things with them.

That pretty much covers all the fun things we'd like to do this summer.  There are plenty of practical things like finding a church home, unpacking a zillion boxes, potty training, Kevin working on some work projects, etc. but it's more fun to focus on the FUN things :)

What things are on your summer FUN to do list??


  1. Such a great list! I bet you're itching to get into your new house!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful list of fun summer activities! I love doing the basic stuff you mentioned such as blowing bubbles, playing with chalk. My kids love that and I love seeing them smile! :)

  3. Such great goals friend. You guys are going to have so much fun. If you go to St. Louis you can go to the zoo and a childrens museum all at the same time. I love how many fun, free things there are to do there. I just wish it was a little closer to us, we'd go all the time!

  4. Do you have an idea of when you'll be moved into your new home?

  5. Summer is such an amazing time and I think this is gonna be my favorite one in awhile. Y'all are gonna be so busy but busy doing lots of fun stuff. I'm only three days in and I'm loving it. I feel like I'm getting lots accomplished but also having fun and relaxing.


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