Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pools & Pretty Places

We spent a lot of time at the pool and hanging out at my inlaw's condo in Naples.  The facilities are so nice that it's great to have fun options nearby.  Olive loved the pool and Fletcher wasn't as big of a fan.  It was harder to keep him cool so our visits to the pool each time were short and sweet.  No one ever got burned or overheated so I'd call that a win.

Olive took her mermaid toys with her everywhere we went.  I was also thrilled that she wore her sun hat and rash guard suit.  She only got a little sun on her legs one day at the beach.

 Kevin and his Dad golfed in the mornings and then would meet us at the pool for lunch and a swim.
It was great to meet back up with them and have an extra set of hands for the water.

Olive was less than thrilled to have to get out of the pool to eat lunch.

I bought cute swim stuff for Fletcher, but it was so hot!  None of it was breathable so we opted to take him to the pool in onesies and light weight outfits the majority of the time.

My MIL and I took turns staying under the shaded cabana with Fletcher.  There were fans and lots of shade for him.  

This day Olive told me I could go home because she'd learned how to swim already.  haha
She's a proficient kiddie pool swimmer :)

We brought a big bag of pool toys with us and she would have played for HOURS if we let her.  This year she wasn't afraid to get her face wet and she was feeling much more confident in the water.  There were just a few other families at the pool and mostly older adults.  So Olive had the little pool to herself.  It'll be fun in the future when Fletcher is big enough to play with her.

One of my favorite things about Naples is that with the daily rain shower in the afternoons you see rainbows every day!  We were official rainbow spotters every day :)


  1. What a great little kiddie pool for Olive to play in. The photo of her at lunch made me lol. Seriously that is too fun and my girls would both feel the same exact way. Nobody likes to walk away from the pool.

  2. That pool is just perfect for Olive!! What a beautiful place!

  3. Naples is such a beautiful location - I had forgotten how lovely it is! I'm loving all your vacation recap posts!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  4. Your vacation location seriously looks perfect! It's so nice to have the pool and beach as options - especially with younger kiddos! And I love your aqua colored cover up! such a pretty color and I love the detail around the neck!

  5. Once again, you have me craving beach and pool time so much!!! :) Looks like it was a fantastic trip!

  6. I see Olive feels the same way about leaving the pool as Jack does. Yesterday he threw himself a little fit when we had to get out. He doesn't get the concept that every toy at the pool isn't his so he kept getting upset when I wouldn't let him have someone else's toy. It was not a fun mama moment. I am going to have to invest in some pool toys. One of the toys he kept wanting was a plastic dinosaur and the funny thing is that I took all of his plastic dinosaurs to charity yesterday morning because he never plays with them. Just a few hours later he was pitching a fit for a dinosaur I had just given away. Oh toddlers! On the positive side we were driving home and he just laughed out loud. I asked him why he was laughing and he said I'm happy. Melted my heart and it slightly made up for the fit he threw when we had to leave.

  7. Oh she is just too much! Her face at lunch? Kills me.

  8. I'm just sitting over here drooling on my keyboard looking at these gorgeous sparkly water and blue sky pics! (sighhhh) Bahahhaah- Olive's face in that first pic- hilarious!! I love that she had a little pool to herself. Living the dream Olive, living the dream.

  9. Rainbows every day?! How awesome! looks like such a nice place and Olive looks like she had a blast!

  10. I love how she told you to go home. SO funny and totally sounds like something Abigail would tell me. She thinks she is an "expert" on everything.


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