Monday, June 20, 2016

June Target Haul

One downside to not having a Target in my city is that I don't make it to Target as often as I'd like.  It's a fact that my bank account likes and I do not.  So my purchase for the June Target Haul is courtesy of  I love shopping their website, but wish that you could purchase dollar spot items on-line and that you could use your cartwheel app with on-line purchases.  Maybe one day you'll be able to do those things.

I've been eyeing a bubble blower for Olive so I was tempted to spend my $10 on that this month.  I opted not to and decided to spend my $10, plus discounts and gift cards on bar stools this month.  They are definitely more than $10, but my whole shopping budget went to them this month.

I picked up three of these yellow bar stools for my kitchen island at our new house.  They are really pretty in person and are so comfy.  I can't wait to use them all the time.  They're really easy to assemble (says my hubby) and definitely look more expensive than they are.
They are a Target exclusive and come in so many colors.

I was tempted to buy for $10 this month:
A cute beach towel
A summer top to wear with black skinnies
A bubble blower
Summer dinner plates

What has been your favorite Target purchase this month???

I'll be on the hunt for 4th of July things, home decor or birthday things for Kevin's birthday celebration in the month of July.  I'm already planning a little Target road trip and thinking about making it a perfect girls night out shopping spree :)

It's time to link up with some sweet ladies who are all sharing the Target Hauls this month.  Please join us with your favorite Target finds for our monthly link up.  I love seeing what everyone was shopping for at Target.

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  1. Oh fun! I just love a good bar stool. So how far exactly is your Target?

  2. I don't think I have shopped Target online before but looks like these could definitely come in handy.
    Rachel xo

  3. I use when my store is sold out of something that I need, and have it shipped to store. It's also nice because I can send Paul over to just pick up what I purchased, and it's no hassle for him. I'm going to start using their subscribe and save program for our cat food - I am excited to have it show up at my door and to never run out of it (the girls are glad for that, too!). :) Love that you found such fun barstools for your new kitchen!!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  4. I LOVE that fun color if the bar stools we have in the play room ever bite the dust these would be perfect and a fun way to add a pop of color too!

  5. I can't believe those are just $10! What an awesome find!

  6. They are pretty. A pop of yellow always makes a home happy.

  7. I love those bar stools so much, I am actually considering them in aqua for our own kitchen:) We don't technically have a bar, per se, but the kitchen counter area is very barren, and Caleb is always wanting to pull up a dining table chair to stand on and see what we are doing on the counters, etc., so I think the bar stools could be fun!:)

  8. I love pops of color so I am all for the yellow.

  9. I adore those bar stools! They will be perfect in your house!!

  10. I shop online at Target just as much as I do in-store! Love those barstools!


  11. Those bar stools are so cute!! And what a fun, festive, summery color!

  12. I actually made it to Target last week! I spent lots but found some great deals. I picked up Jack a few different cute shirts, some books, swim toys, me a new swimsuit, me a new shirt, and some cleaning supplies that were good deals. We are having to go back to Little Rock on Thursday and I would love to check out the Dollar Spot. Last week they were working on the Dollar Spot so I'd love to see what all they put out.


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