Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Best Thing About Vacation

One of the best things about vacation is getting to eat at new restaurants and try new food.  We have been to Naples, FL before so we ate at some of our favorites from last trip and tried some new spots.  Kevin really enjoys finding groupons for us to use so we can save a little money while trying new places.  We usually ate breakfast in the condo, packed a picnic lunch for beach days and then ate early dinners so the kids could get to bed on time.  It worked out great that we were home in time for bedtime most nights. 

{My favorite family photo from our trip outside of Tommy Bahama}

It was a great family friendly restaurant with delicious food.  The best part of my meal were the sweet potato tots and the grilled chicken was Olive's favorite.  She's not a big chicken eater, but she ate an entire chicken breast by herself.  Everyone else got pulled pork or ribs and we all enjoyed our meals.

It's a cute little cupcake shop on the main strip so we picked up cupcakes for Olive's birthday here.  They were kind of pricey, but nothing crazy for a fancy cupcake shop.  The chocolate one was my favorite.

Olive requested pizza for her birthday dinner so we got pizza to eat at home.
This pizza was so good!  It was nice to find a local spot to get pizza from instead of a chain.  We all loved it!

 The climate in Naples is so tropical!  We love just walking around seeing all of the beautiful flowers that grow there and the pretty floral combinations.

 Tommy Bahama is our very favorite restaurant in Naples.  We went there twice!  The atmosphere is great, they have live music so it's loud and no one notices kid noise.  Their crab cake appetizers are something I'd love to recreate at home because they're amazing.  Their starfish shaped bread is fun and I think their Key Lime Pie is the best in Naples.  Everyone loved every dish they ordered - grilled chicken, steaks and fish were delish.
 Most nights Fletcher snoozed through our early dinners.  I love this part of the sleepy newborn stage and know it doesn't last long so we tried hard to enjoy it :)

 RIVERWALK at Tin City
This is a fun restaurant at Tin City.  You get to sit right on the water so we loved watching the boats come in during our meal.  Olive was convinced she'd spot a mermaid.  My salad was pretty good, but the dressing was blah.  Everyone that ordered a steak loved it.

This was a delicious restaurant that we found because of groupon.  Their italian food was so fresh and tasty.  We got chicken wings, bread and pizzas.  We'll definitely be going back here. They had huge booths so it worked out really well to contain Olive.  Obviously she thought the place was cozy.

 Dunkin Donuts
We didn't see any local donut shops to try so we enjoyed Dunkin several mornings for breakfast.

 We had nearly perfect weather for our entire trip.  It would rain for a short bit almost every afternoon, but we didn't mind because it cooled things off for us.  The flowers were beautiful and the crowds were low.  The end of May/June is a great time to visit Naples.

Thanks to my in-laws for another great beach vacation in the books!


  1. It all looks, seriously, so yummy! I always love to see good place to eat on vacation. Just since moving to Texas I have gotten on board with Keylime pie. Before trying it nothing could really determined from chocolate everything :-) but I love your quest for the best Keylime pie and hopefully I can try Tommy Bahamas sometime!

  2. Before I started reading this post my stomach was growling. Now I am SO hungry and I want DD. I love the idea to check for Groupons too. I should look into that before we go on our trip!

  3. Both of those pizzas look amazing!!! I'm not sure that I've ever ordered key lime pie, but your slice looks delicious. I'm on a major citrus kick right now and that sounds pretty yummy!

  4. I'm sitting here so hungry so this was probably not the best time to read this post. I'd love some yummy pizza right now. I'm loving seeing all of your fun beach vacation pictures. You did a great job remembering to take pics which is something I typically forget.

  5. Fun! (annnd now I'm hungry!) I love getting to scope out fun new spots on vacation. It doesn't happen on our beach one for a number of reasons (there are tons of us, we like to sit on the beach until dinnertime anyways hah and the main reason- we stay oceanfront so who wants to leave that view!), but when it's just me and Anthony- that's one of my favorite parts of going somewhere new! Olive chillaxin in that booth is fab. hah

  6. For me, eating and sleeping in is what I love most about going on vacation. I do so much cooking when we are at home so dining out (often) is always a special treat for me.

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