Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gulf Shores, Alabama 2014

It's our yearly tradition to head to the beach with my husband's family and we always look forward to it.  We rotate between South Carolina, Florida and Alabama.  We've always managed to luck out on the weather, have great times at the beach and sneak in a little shopping.  This year was no different.
I was a little nervous bringing a 14 month old to the beach.  She was about six weeks old for our trip last year and she basically slept through the whole vacation.  This year she's walking, putting everything in her mouth and has an opinion to share.

After about 5 minutes of being on the beach, I realize that we did not have a single thing to worry about.  Olive was a full blown BEACH BABY!!  She loved the sand, loved climbing on the chairs, playing with her sand toys and could have spent all of her days there.  She really didn't try to eat many shells or put much sand in her mouth.  She was leery of the water, but to be fair, it was a little chilly the first day or so.  We played in the water some and her dad was eager to take her out farther than I liked into the ocean.  She loved it and once again dad wins the title for being the fun one.

I wanted to share our favorite memories from being at the beach with Olive this year (otherwise known a beach picture overload :)  I opted not to bring my DSLR to the beach because I doubted my abilities to take care of my camera and my baby while we were having fun.  All pictures were taken with my iphone.
Olive was fond of our cabana boy Evan - she wanted to talk to him and tried to follow him around - haha!

 We had a wonderful week if you couldn't tell :)


  1. She is seriously the cutest thing! I'm so glad you had a great week! I'm impressed with how chill Olive is -- must be her laid back parents!

    I think Havah was about the same age the first time we took her to Mexico but she was afraid of walking on the sand - didn't like how it felt, or gave way under her little feet. So the majority of our time was spent at the pool. Great job, Olive!

  2. Thanks for sharing your pics, looks like you had a great time! Olive is SO cute in her little bathing suit and sand covered toes!

  3. So cute! Glad she enjoyed it cause if she hadn't y'all wouldn't have either!


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