Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dissertation Success!!

I wanted to say a big
to my husband for successfully defending his dissertation last week!!!!!

He's been working on his masters/PhD in Clinical Psychology since 2004 with a lot of teaching, taking classes, doing research, being an intern and studying along the way.  He made a quick trip back to Utah to defend his giant research project and it was a great success.  His committee of professors passed him with flying colors and went out to lunch afterwards to celebrate.
Way to go, Kev!!

The only remaining items on his to do list are to finish his current internship {on July 11th} and then participate in graduation in the Spring {May 1st}.  It's hard to believe that his schooling is wrapping up and the finish line is fast approaching.  He's currently working hard to apply for jobs for next year so we should know in the coming months where we'll be living for the next few years.  Olive and I are so proud of him and it's exciting to see his hard work paying off.


  1. That is AWESOME! What a journey! Congrats to you husband!!

  2. So proud of my grandson...He has worked so hard and has accomplished so much..He has had a great mate by his side.. We are so proud of you both and as a couple..Congratulations and much love is coming your way......Grandma

  3. Congratulations Kevin for defending successful dissertation. We "The Academic Papers UK- Providing Dissertation Writing Services UK" team, would like to appreciate your hard work.


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