Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Word of the Year: CHANGE

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I've seen a few bloggers coming up with a word of the year
so I was inspired to do my own.

is my word of 2013 
because I can already tell that this year will be full of it.  
Mostly all good change 
but I like routine, like schedules, like familiarity 
so this idea of change is a bit frightening and exciting.  

I'm expecting changes at home with a new baby and motherhood in general.  I'm expecting work changes in my transition to life as a working mom and hubby has work changes headed his way. We live in a smallish place now so there will have to be some changes with major rearranging/reworking the place or a potential move for more space.  I'm sure that there is even more change out there that I have yet to even wrap my head around but I'm trusting God to take good care of us as he always has in 2013.
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PS My recent fortune cookie said... guess my word of the year was right on track.

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