Friday, January 11, 2013

Crepe Bar

My super room moms put together an amazing party for my class this year.
We had a 

One mom (who just happens to be French and an amazing cook
 made homemade crepes at home and brought the finished crepes to our party.
She put a piece of wax paper in between each crepe.
They had raspberries, strawberries, bananas,
peanut butter, syrup, nutella
and whipped cream.
The kids were thrilled to make their own crepes combinations.
Many kids were familiar with the art of eating crepes
so it was old hat to them.
A few, including myself, had never had them before
and we were excited to give these flat pancakes a try.
Everyone really enjoyed them.

I'm glad the mom made the crepes in advance 
because it made the line flow so smoothly.
 This was my creation once all the kids had gone through.
I loved the berries and chocolate nutella.
Next time I'd leave off the whipped cream.
I think adults and kids would love crepe bars 
at slumber parties, brunches, or breakfast get togethers.
Now I just need to get this crepe recipe and try to make some of my own.

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