Thursday, October 18, 2012

Surprise Visit

A few things fell into place to make a surprise visit possible to Indiana last week.
My in-laws invited us to the ND/Stanford game,
I was able to take a few days off,
my parents could assist me in my surprising efforts
and my sister just had a baby.

So I sneakily planned a trip,
only told a few essential people and my surprise was a hit!

I snuck over to my sister's house, my mom came up with a story
and I walked right into their house.
Well I was slightly mugged by their dog as I walked into their house.
Everyone was surprised!
I heard, "What are you doing here?"
and "Where's Topher?" from my cat obsessed niece.

Meet Krissy.

 Hayden got to skip out on school for the day to hang out with us.  
Who knew it would be so tricky to get a good picture of the group.
Can you guess who the monkey was???
 And the best shot of all of us...

Already rocking the accessories.

I LOVE Fall so it was fun to be at home during the season.
 I spent some time hanging out with Maxx.

 We went for a little walk.

 Got to hang out with Eleanor who is growing like a weed!

 Got to hang out with Jacque.
We got properly caught up and enjoyed some treats.

 Mom even broke out the flannel sheets for me.

We hung out, did some shopping, ate lunch with Dad, visited,
had dinner and breakfast dates,  & just enjoyed being together.
It was an excellent 1.5 days at home.

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  1. It was a great surprise 2nd only to your surprise arrival for Haley's bachelorette party which was 3 kids ago. :) I will never forget that. So glad you could come home and meet little Krissy too. Love looking at all of your pictures. Love,


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