Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Painting 101

Looking for a simple way to decorate your pumpkins?
Paint them!
I do enjoy carving them but they don't last long when you carve them.
So I thought painting would be the simple solution this year.

Here's my step by step directions to simplify the process:
Buy your pumpkins.
Wash them with water to clear away any dirt.
Let dry.
 Choose a few paint colors - I choose black, cream & mustard
Get out a paper plate for your paint and some painting supplies -
I used a small sponge brush, maker, glue stick, pencil, etc.
 Have a quality control agent inspect all of your materials to ensure top quality. 
Thanks Topher.

 I decided that I wanted to do some painting & stamping on my pumpkins.
I'd highly recommend doing some practice stamps to see how your stamp turns out.

 Make sure that your stamping items are dipped really thoroughly in paint.
Start by doing the top and work your way down and around your pumpkin.
Be careful not to smear or smudge.
 1st one done.

 I took advantage of the great striped sections that were already on my pumpkin
and used them as my guidelines.
I did not tape off sections because I didn't want this project to take FOREVER.
I just eyeballed it and wiped away paint if I got really far off my line.
 1 coat = streaky mess
Let dry for 30 minutes or so and add a second coat.
 Looking better.

 Be careful not too stamp with too much paint or else you will get drippy polka-dots.
A wet paper towel easily cleans up the mess.
 I stamped the mustard dots first and then went around and stamped little dots around it.

 After the white stripes were dry,
I painted the pumpkin stem black and added a black J.
I just eyeballed it so it wasn't perfect.
Next time, I'll put down wax paper so that my counter doesn't get trashed.

I ended up using a hand sanitizer cap, pencil eraser, maker, paint brush 
& lots of paper towels on this project.
 Almost done...
just need to dry for 2-3 hours.
 Seal of approval:
 I ended up painting all of my pumpkin stems.
I love the black one the best and would maybe paint them all black next time.

 My little pumpkin family looks great on my doorstep.
Give this easy project a try.
Kids and adults would have fun with this project.
You could even have a pumpkin painting party 
if you allowed enough time for the pumpkins to dry before your guests had to leave.

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  1. Your pumpkins are so cute! I painted mine this year but they are already rotting! I always forget to put on an apron but maybe if I had a girly one I would remember! It sure would save some of my shirts from grease stains! Have a great weekend!!


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