Thursday, October 4, 2012

Penny & The Polka Dot Shoes

Several weeks ago I got to know the author of Penny & the Polka Dot Shoes.
Meredith has an adorable blog, is super nice
and she's a a children's book author!

I thought my students would love a story about saving money
and I couldn't resist the polka-dots!!
I inquired about her book and shortly after it arrived at my school.
My class was so excited to know that I knew the author!

The illustrations were really sweet
and we had some fun discussions about money and saving.

 We loved it so much that we wrote some fan mail :)
 Thanks for the wonderful book Meredith!
Your Utah fan club can't wait to read your next book :)

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  1. It was MY pleasure to send you a book, Whitney. And yesterday, I received your class's book of thank you letters. I smiled so big when I saw it in the mail. It's evident in so many ways that you are a great teacher! I am STILL re-reading what the kids wrote. They are so funny and sweet! I am planning to write them back (just put that on my project list...).

    A post about the thank you book is forthcoming, so keep an eye out.



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