Friday, October 12, 2012


I've had a super duper week!!
Here were the highlights:

1. I decided it was time to break out my early birthday present, 
brand new Dooney purse for Fall!
I LOVE this bag.
Let me show you why...
 I LOVE all of the interior pockets.

2. I'm enjoying my book club selection this month.
Have you read this book??

 3. My husband made me make cinnamon rolls this week.
I thought they'd make adorable little pumpkins.

4. I got my first Halloween gift of the season.
These polka-dotty bowls are adorable!!

 5. I love it when I catch my cats SMILING for the camera.
Topher says CHEESE!
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  1. Love that bag! And the pumpkin cinnamon roll looks incredible! And your kitty is such a cutie too :)

  2. LOVE that bag! And those bowls are awesome!

  3. LOVE the bag! Where did you buy it?

  4. That bag that bag that bag! LOVE!



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