Thursday, October 18, 2012

ND/Stanford Game

My in-laws surprised us by getting tickets to the ND/Stanford game.
We were going to take a year off and not go to a game this year
but when someone buys you ND tickets, you go!

I flew in a few days early, for my surprise visit then
roadtripped up to Indy with my in-laws to pick up my husband,
met up with my bro-in-law
and we all hung out.
We tried new restaurants and enjoyed the drive.

Hello campus!
80% chance of rain doesn't deter real fans.
We came with ponchos, umbrellas, layers and ND gear.
 The golden mums were out in full force.
 A sea of ponchos.

Our ponchos & hats kept us pretty dry.

 The fall colors were lovely despite all of the rain.
We missed ESPN College GameDay that was at ND earlier that morning
but it was fun to have it on campus.

 We had great seats in the end zone with all of the action.
 Overtime, no problem.
Pouring rain, no problem.
Still undefeated has a nice ring to it.

I spent 14 hours in the car, 8 hours on airplanes,
and 8 hours in the airports to make this weekend happen.
It was a quick trip, but definitely worth it.

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  1. Oh my gosh the golden dome is giving me goose bumps! My husband and I can't wait to go next year. We live in North Carolina and are so excited about ND joining the husband said I don't care if its badmitton, volleyball, baseball or basketball I'm going to every game I can! And I think ND is going to play 3 or 4 acc football games per year so we are super stoked!! Ahhh so much to look forward to! Have a great weekend and again I'm so happy I found your blog!!


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