Friday, October 19, 2012

High Five for Fall Break

I have had two short work weeks in a row from school
and I've been really enjoying my time off.
Who doesn't?!?!

Here were the highlights:
1. I caught all 3 of my boys snoozing at the same time.
Must be working too hard.

2. My mom took me shopping at Francesca's and I fell in love.
The brand seemed familiar but I'd never been in their stores.
It was adorable and I could hardly decide which accessory to choose.
I love the entire store!!
There are the earrings that I went with:

 3. College football is so much 
fun but it's even more exciting when your team is WINNING!  
Notre Dame is on quite the unbeaten streak and
I'm glad we could see them win at home last week.
One day, I'll have a yard full of bright yellow mums!

 4. My husband discovered a new variety of cat treats.
Our cats go nuts for them
so much so that we almost have to lock the bag up!
They have always loved the Temptations brand 
but the catnip blend is the cat's meow!

5. I added a new pumpkin to my patch.
$8 at Marshalls - why yes I will.
 I also raided the $1 bins at Target 
and found these adorable dessert bowls and mini turkey plates.
Both will be perfect for turkey day no doubt.
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  1. love marshalls! cute pumpkin :)

  2. Go ND! My husband and I were just on campus tonight for a hockey game :)


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