Wednesday, November 30, 2016

25 Ideas for Christmas Family Fun

We are all in full blown Christmas mode and it's exciting to see all of the sweet Christmas things that are going on in my community.  We've started decorating our house, but are finding that trying to decorate with a super busy baby and a 3 year old helper slow things down a bit.  It's sweet and I'm glad we are decorating together.  I'll have to give you a little Christmas house tour when we get finished.  

We have lots to look forward to this month so I made a Family Fun To Do List of things we hope to get to do in December.  Nothing stressful and we aren't trying to cross every single thing off the list.  It just gives us ideas of things we can do if we want to do them.  We worked on the list together and made sure to get input from everyone.  I'll post the list somewhere in our kitchen to remind us of the fun that awaits.

25 Ideas for Christmas Family Fun

1. Pick out a real tree together and decorate it
2. Decorate the house for Christmas - inside and out
3. North Pole Breakfast Dec 1
4. Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows
5. Do our candy advent calendar to countdown to Christmas
6. Celebrate St. Nick's Day Dec 6
7. Read Christmas books everyday
8. Make a few homemade ornaments with each kid
9. Decorate a tree in each of our bedrooms
10. Breakfast with Santa & his reindeer
11. Gingerbread house decorating party
12. Decorate cookies with friends
13. Christmas movies and cartoons
14. Bake cookies to deliver to our neighbors
15. Have friends over for dinner
16. Candy Cane Duplo building class
17. Bake Christmas treats together
18. Visit family for Christmas
19. Drive around to see Christmas lights
20. Wear Christmas colors
21. Hang up all of the Christmas cards that arrive at our house
22. Send out photo Christmas cards from our family
23. Eat candy canes
24. Listen to Christmas music at home and in the car
25. Look for ways to spread Christmas JOY wherever we go

Here are some things we've done in the past 
for a few more ideas of fun things to do with your family this Christmas:

What are your favorite things to do with your family this time of year??


  1. Oh Whitney your list is so full of so much fun. I forget about St. Nicolas day EVERY single year. Maybe I will actually remember this time. Cant wait to see all of the fun you have this year.

  2. It's like we were in sync today! I shared a similar post on my blog haha. Lots of great ideas and I love the one about spreading JOY wherever you go throughout the season! :)

  3. I love this! We're going to a gingerbread house party this weekend!! I also got a kit with the mini house so each boy can decorate his own!

  4. You have such a great list! I love all the ideas and just may borrow a few to make this season even more magical for Connor.


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