Monday, November 14, 2016

Perfect Pictures

Do you find yourself stressing out to get the perfect pictures??  I know I always fret a bit over scheduling times for professional pictures, trying to keep the kids from bumping their heads or scratching their faces before pictures.  But, the reality is, the imperfect pictures are often my favorites.  There's things I do to make sure photo sessions go smoothly and the rest is out of my control. 

I picked up Fletcher's 6 month pictures recently and am excited to share them with you today.  We've had several photo shoots with him and I have definitely learned some tips to make things easier on all of us.  I thought I'd share the cute pictures and the tips with you today in the hopes of making your kid photo sessions go smoothly.

6 Tips for Getting Perfect Pictures

1. Limit the outfit changes.
Bring them to the studio in the first outfit and then pack the 2nd outfit.  I always start with my favorite outfit so that if things go South at least we got the favorites done.

2. Plan to get all the shots done in about 20 minutes.
Most photographers are well aware the they've got to be fast when photographing kids, but if your photographer is moving slowly, be sure to hurry things along.

3. Be direct with your photographer.
Tell them what the important shots are, be sure to communicate props that you'd like to use or favorite backgrounds and tell them what types of pictures you're hoping to get.  Sometimes I've asked for sibling shots, asked to use a different background that was more my style and said no to props/hats they offered to let us use because I knew they weren't my style.  

4. Everyone needs to eat before the session & have a treat afterwards.
Feed the kids and feed yourself so that you're all happy when you arrive.  Then pack snacks for afterwards because taking pictures is exhausting.  We've also stopped to get donuts after a session.  It's hard work for everyone :)

5. Spend the money on professional pictures.
I've NEVER regretted spending money on great pictures.  Look around for deals on mini sessions for local photographers or sign up for a package deal to get the most bang for your buck.  You don't have to spend TONS of money to get good pictures.  Ask your friends for recommendations, shop for deals on Groupon and treasure your sweet kiddo pictures.

6. Relax.
If you are stressed, the kids will be stressed.  Just go with the flow, be silly and you'll end up with some cute pictures.  The shoots never go perfectly - I've had to stop and feed the baby mid session, brought an outfit for him to wear that I was surprised to realize didn't fit him anymore and he scratched his head a day or two before this shoot.  I still love the pictures and love capturing this moment in time.  They grow so fast!!

Do you have any other tips to get great pictures??

Here are my favorite pictures from Fletcher's 6 month photo shoot back in early October.
I think the first two are my favorite, but I really loved almost every picture from this shoot.

 The next few are funny because Fletcher was being silly
and making his usual funny faces for the camera.

Sweet boy did great!!

Fletcher's monogrammed outfit is from Smocked Auctions
(My very favorite shop in the world for smocked & monogrammed things!!!)
and his plaid outfit is Carters from Sams.


  1. I feel like the same tips apply to husbands haha! Especially the eating before pictures one! Love these!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Aaaahhh Fletcher. Love the tips, especially #4. I would also add in that I'm not above bribery, HA! But that doesn't quite work when they are Fletchers age :D.

  3. He's so cute!!! Great tips - I really want to get it done. What are fair prices? I think I'd just like the digital pics so I can print my own.

  4. Your tips are so helpful! I really needed to read these before our family pics. He is such a cutie and getting so big!

  5. Loved them all.Such a variety of expressions....Little Fletcher is quite photogenic just like Olive....

  6. These are all so cute, and loved the tips! Definitely above all, just remembering to have fun and to relax is most important. :)

  7. Oh my heart. These are adorable. Great tips. Pictures on a full stomach are MUST!

  8. My biggest tip is make it short and sweet. We usually have our photos done in about 20 minutes. I just want a few good ones and we can call it a day. No need to stress anyone out with pushing limits.

  9. These are great tips, and you got awesome pictures! I love the funny face ones!

  10. So cute! I think my fav is the one with him in the chair. One of my tips would be to let the kids take the lead. During Jack's one year pictures I was really trying hard to get him in the pose I wanted. I had to give in and just let him do his thing and those pictures are so much more cute.

  11. Sweet boy! What a great little model!


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