Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving Target Haul

I picked up several cute things for Thanksgiving at Target this month!  They didn't have a huge Thanksgiving selection, but I loved almost everything they had.  I don't pay full price for holiday decor very often so I found myself making an exception to my rule for these items.  I don't see a ton of Thanksgiving decor that I love and I really loved these things.  They were special, unique and there weren't many of them so I knew they wouldn't be there after the holiday.

Here are my close to $10 Target Thanksgiving items for the month:

Felt banner was $5
Thankful Tree kit was $3
Wood Turkey kit was $3
$11 total

This Thankful Tree turned out so cute!!  It came with plenty of leaves and acorns so we had enough to do our tree this year and enough to use it again next year.

I had intended for us to start our thankful tree at the beginning of November and add a leaf each day.  However, life got busy and we ended up doing the whole tree in one afternoon.  It ended up being just fine and we had some good conversations about things we are thankful for.

I got out our Sharpies and Olive "wrote" the things she was thankful for.  I wrote out the things she was saying and it made me giggle to see what she was thankful for - Jimmy Hohns, sausage, donuts, Daniel Tiger, the library and "our baby" made my heart melt.  

I assembled the wooden part of the turnkey and helped peel the back off the felt stickers.  She did the tails all on her own and I helped with the body.  It was a really fun, quick project that looks adorable on display in our house.

I adore my family room mantel and this fall set up is my favorite one yet.  I've got some fun things in the works for Christmas, but I'm loving the pumpkins and pops of turquoise this month.

I really love the Spritz brand from Target!
These items are going to be things I pull out year after year to decorate my house.
Aren't they fun??

Take a look on-line or at your local Target to see if you can find these fun things for your family to do this week!!  My toddler loved making the wooden turkey and we enjoyed doing the thankful tree all month long.

Did you buy anything new for Thanksgiving this year??

I picked up these things and got some darling Thanksgiving kitchen towels with pie and turkeys on them.  Can't wait to use them!

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  1. Aaaahhhh I LOVE your thankful tree so much! We make one every year but its really just some little tree branches I shoved in a vase, haha! Yours is much more practical to decorate with.

  2. I love the thankful tree! Ours has stick on leaves, but I'm thinking next year I could make things similar to yours to use!

  3. Love that Thankful tree! TOo cute!! Your mantle looks fab!

  4. Love that display! Olive's thankful sentiments are just too cute ��

  5. Those are super cute! I always enjoy adding in a new thing or two each holiday. That banner really is too cute. Jack and I made matching Thanksgiving bracelets yesterday and are enjoying our new book The Great Turkey Race.

  6. Cute items, I love that Happy Thanksgiving Banner.
    Rachel xo

  7. Oh so cute! Our Target barely put out any Thanksgiving stuff this year. That or it was all picked over before I got there. Which I find hard to believe since I frequent Target a few times a week! ha. But, I do love everything you found. And way to go 'respecting the turkey'! That's hard for me to do. I'm all about Christmas right now.

  8. Considering my house is fully decked out in Christmas, I would love to really focus on each individual holiday next year. I've scored some great Halloween decorations on discount and hope to do the same with Thanksgiving.


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