Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Voting & Winning

Whether you're voting or boating today, I hope you have a wonderful Election Day!  Be sure to get out and VOTE!!  Your vote counts, it's important and you should make it a priority.  Did anyone else early vote this year?  I kept having dreams that I didn't get to vote because the lines were too long on Election Day so I made sure to early vote.

My kids and I headed to an early voting location last Friday to vote together.  I'd been talking about the whole voting process, who we were voting for and we've been watching some of the election coverage as a family.  Remember when Olive thought she spotted Donald Trump at the hospital??  She called out to a man in a suit with blonde hair and was very perplexed that he did not respond to her greeting.

Anyways, we headed to the polls together.  We talked about what a big responsibility it was and how we were really excited to be voting.  We got signed in and headed to the voting machine.  Olive kept asking where the BOATS were and why we hadn't seen any BOATS.  Apparently VOTING and BOATING sound similar.  Then I kept shushing her while I was trying to vote and she yelled back at me QUIT SHHHHHHHHHING ME!  Thankfully, I was almost done.  As we were heading to turn in our ballot.  She said, "I don't see Donald Trump anywhere!!"  I guess she was expecting for the presidential candidate to just be hanging out at our polling location.  I should have made that more clear.  Whoops!  We left with stickers, I voted and we had a great time together.  I think it's important to bring your kids along on these little learning field trips when you can.

The last time I voted for a president was when I was pregnant with Olive in Salt Lake City so it was fun to be voting with her again as a very talkative three year old.  We also had Fletcher with us so lots has changed for our family in the last four years :)  
4 states, 4 jobs, 4 moves, 2 kids, 5 houses... wowza!!

We'll be excitedly watching the election results come in
and are hoping to see that our candidate was a huge winner tonight!!  

Speaking of WINNING, I'm going to answer the prompt

We only buy lottery tickets when the jackpots get crazy high like 48 million so our chances are pretty slim to every win.  It doesn't stop us from having fun buying a few tickets.  Do you ever buy lottery tickets?

If we won a mega lottery jackpot, we'd do the following 5 FUN things after doing all the responsible putting money in college funds, paying off cars, saving, investing, etc:

We'd buy a cabin and property in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and go there as much as possible.  My husband has big dreams of renting a nice RV and heading out west with the kids.  We'd revisit our old stomping grounds around Utah, visit National Parks and enjoy it all from a cushy RV (think glamping!)

2. HOUSE. 
We are loving our new house so I'd do all of the upgrades around our house that are on our current wish list... a fence, bathroom updates, landscaping, new light fixtures, bonus room makeover, new furniture, kitchen makeover, etc.

3. GIVE.
I would love to go around writing big checks for things I believe in.  Wouldn't it be fun to give your waitress a $1,000 tip, donate money to schools, help your church, donate money to your college, help your family members, pay off houses for people you love, buy new cars to surprise people, etc.  This would definitely be the most fun part about winning a huge sum of money!!

Plan a family Disney cruise and invite our whole family to come along!  Then follow up the family cruise with an adults only relaxing cruise because vacationing with kids is fun, but not relaxing.

I've always wanted an emerald right hand ring.  I love the look of a vintage ring - something big and fun and real.  I like an emerald + diamonds so I'd definitely pick out a beauty of a right hand ring for myself.  It doesn't hurt that Olive's birth stone is an emerald so I could pass it down to her one day.


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  1. I can't wait to go vote today!!! Love that you got to early! And If I won the lottery I would buy some land and build a plantation style home on it, pay off student loans, and buy a boat! Maybe go on a nice vacation too haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I feel anxious. So very, very anxious. I have never felt more prepared to vote (referring to the WHOLE entire ballot). But, I have never felt there is so much at stake. I woke up this morning and my heart immediately started racing. I need to turn to prayer today friend and trust that He is good, always.

  3. Hi Whitney!

    My oldest is very into the election and voting so he is excited but we adults are pretty anxious/nervous for tonight. If I won the lottery I would bless my entire family and close friends. We love our home but we would be able to remodel some of the areas that need it. I would love to travel as much as possible with kids and without-because as you said, kid vacations are fun but not always the most relaxing-lol!

  4. Travel.

  5. Would you believe I have attempted to vote twice already??? I tried to early vote last week-there was a 2 1/2 hour away and I had three of the kids with me-so that was definitely not happening! I got to the polling place at 5:50 AM this morning-and there was already about 100 people in line waiting to vote! I couldn't stay because Aaron had an early meeting to get to! I'm going to try later today-I am just crossing my fingers the crowds have died down! On a much more fun note- I love what you would do if you won the lottery-I think whether or not you win the Powerball you should get that emerald ring you want ;) have a great day friend!!

  6. Ahhh Olive. Boating would have been so much more fun than voting today. HOwever in our area there is no such thing as a wait or a line for this kind of stuff so we did hvae that going for us. Well Kevin just has a great idea for a Christmas gift, now doesn't he?! : ) hah Anthony gave me an emerald necklace for my 30th when I was pregnant with L since that should have been her birthstone but then she showed up early and foiled his plans : ) I wish Tell had held on a few more hours to share my aquamarine with me!

  7. I love your wishlist! If I won big $ I'd buy a place on the beach and a new car with all the bells and whistles!

  8. I would pay off every last bit of debt we have and buy are forever dream home.


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