Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thanksgiving Chickens & Placecards

The stores are covered in Christmas, but don't forget about Thanksgiving!  

Our tradition is to decorate for Thanksgiving on November 1st, 
enjoy my birthday on the 16th 
and then decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving.  
We leave our Christmas decorations up through New Years.  
What are your decorating traditions??

We decorated our house with turkeys, left out our pumpkins and are working on some fun Thanksgiving projects for the next few weeks.  It's getting colder and the leaves are still beautiful in Indiana.  We got family pictures taken on Monday at a local park and the setting was beautiful!  So much to be thankful for.   My daughter helped me decorate and we put out "Thanksgiving chickens" everywhere.  I keep telling her that they are turkeys, but she insists they are chickens.

It can be a challenge to find CUTE turkeys to decorate with because the turkey isn't the cutest animal.  Luckily, Pier 1 has come through for several years in the cute turkey department.  I'd highly recommend scoping out their Thanksgiving decor on clearance after the holiday this year.

Here's a little Thanksgiving decor house tour
Be sure to SCROLL DOWN for some ADORABLE Thanksgiving place card ideas!!

Welcome to my house :)

I found this felt letter banner at Target this year and knew it would be perfect for our mantel.  we also never got around to carving pumpkins so I'm loving having real pumpkins to decorate with this month.  I keep a holiday book basket by the fire place filled with our holiday books to read with the kids.  The teacher in me loves having holiday books in one spot for the kids to enjoy.

I used to decorate for the holidays after Olive went to bed, but now she helps me.  She says, "I love decoratin with you!" so that's what we do.  She's a great helper and she usually ends up rearranging things a bit each day.

I love making Thanksgiving place cards for my family gatherings.  My mom always hosts Thanksgiving and I try to offer to help with anything I can.  I really enjoying making place cards for everyone so here are some ideas from our past family gatherings.  I always try to involve my kids and the result is a collection of pretty cute turkeys.

I put one at every plate with a name tag attached to their necks.
They were some of my favorite and easy to make.

Do you make place cards for your guests??  
I'd love to hear your ideas since I haven't decided what to make for this year.

I'm hoping to have the kids do some hand print turkey art this year, help me make some place cards for our family gathering and make a thankful tree together.  I'll be sure to share any cute ideas we come up with.  

I'm also working on a post with my BEST Thanksgiving recipes blog post in the next few days...
Stay tuned!!


  1. I love the handmade place cards!!! I may try to do something like that this year because I think that just adds a special touch!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. So cute! I love your tradition and that you fully embrace the bird. I would like to, but I don't :P. My decorations usually start going up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Mostly because it takes me days, but also because I take EVERYTHING down on the 26th. My birthday is on the 28th of December and I want it all gone. I think if I didn't feel this way I may be okay with waiting a little longer to put them up.

  3. Awwww! Those are so cute! I'm going back and forth with making place cards or using craft paper and writing their names on it, I do love those place cards though!

  4. I love that banner!!!! Is it from the dollar spot area or somewhere else in Target? They're probably gone now, but I would love to snag one!

    1. never mind, found it and ordered it! Gotta love RedCard free shipping. Your decor is so darling!

  5. I love all your place cards and all your decor! I may have the boys help make place cards for my family's thanksgiving this year! Last year we made turkeys out of foam.

  6. I also love that Thanksgiving banner-very colorful! I think the added fall/Thanksgiving touches add so much to making a house feel like a home. I know you are enjoying having a forever home to decorate this year.

  7. These ideas are perfect for a Fall themed craft I wanted to do with Connor. THANK YOU!


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