Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!  I hope you've had a nice week.  We were busy, stayed up too late watching Election coverage and are enjoying the lovely Fall weather.  I have lots to look forward to in the coming week so I think the week flew by for me.  My parents are coming up to visit, my birthday is next week and we're making plans for our Thanksgiving break.  It's Kevin's Fall/Thanksgiving break so we have the whole week off together :)

Favorite parts of my week:

// 1 //
I feel like people either love or hate professional photo shoots.  I LOVE them and LOVE having the moment in time documented for my family.  I booked a session with our local photographer that has been taking Fletcher's baby pictures and set a date to meet at our favorite local park.  I planned outfits around Olive's dress and we had a great time.  My husband does not love professional photo shoots, but he loves me so he went along with it.  We kept it under 30 minutes, had a great time and I can't wait to get our pictures back!!  I am hoping to get some great photos to hang in our house and a Christmas card picture.

// 2 //
We are in full Thanksgiving mode at our house.  We got our turkeys out and are working on several fun craft projects.  I'm going to share them with you next week so stay tuned for some fun ideas to do with your kids, nieces, nephews or friends.  We are also LOVING the gorgeous Fall weather we've been having.  We squeezed in a few walks this week.  My kids are getting up early and we're trying to work on going to bed early to balance it out.   Daylight Savings Time is great in the mornings to wake up to the sun, but this getting dark before dinner isn't my favorite.

// 3 //
I have really started enjoying iced coffee in the afternoons and I picked up a new flavor this week.  I usually just buy the Mocha Light, but they were out so I am enjoying this new flavor.  International Delight is my favorite and it's under $4 for this huge carton.  It lasts all week so think of all of the money I'm saving by drinking my coffee at home :)
 // 4 //
I got some birthday booties in the mail this week and have already worn them a few times.  They're so comfy and I love the color.  I'm sure I'll be wearing them all the time this Fall and Winter.  They're Lucky booties from Macy's and have zippers on both sides, a perfect little heel and cushy inside.  Perfecto!!
 // 5 //
I've mentioned before that I love all things presidential so I really enjoyed doing things for Election Day with my family.  I've voted in several presidential elections over the years and sometimes I'm thrilled with the results and other years I'm disappointed.  I guess that's just part of the process.  

I took my kids to early vote with me and then we did some fun things at home the day of - flag meals, candy voting, patriotic sundaes and watching election coverage.  I know the results of a Donald Trump victory got mixed reactions, but I'm hopeful and excited to see what the future has in store for our country.  I'm hopeful that we're teaching our kids to participate in elections, to care about our community, to be patriotic and to invest in making our country a better place.
// 6 //
Olive got a letter from her favorite Princess Sofia in the mail this week!  She wrote to her about 6 weeks ago and was thrilled out of her mind to get a real response.  She also has decided it's finally cold enough for leggings.  She agreed to wear her Cinderella outfit when the temps hit 40.

 Fletcher wants to sit up, stand with help, pull up on everything and is so anxious to be on the move.  He was thrilled to sit on this car and pretend drive.  I was less than thrilled at how big my baby looked driving his car.  He's just 7 months old and he's quickly leaving his baby days behind him. He's also quite the baby tornado.  Won't be long before he's crawling!

What was your FAVORITE part of the week??

I hope you have a really great weekend!!


  1. Those boots are super cute! As are the kiddos and your hair! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love having professional family photos taken! Where is your red necklace from? It's super cute.

  3. That's the only flavor of that ID iced coffee I haven't tried yet. Looks like it's going in my cart for next week! Love those booties!

  4. Family photos are so important to me. It's often time the only chance we have of having photos of us together.

  5. This is a great round up from your week! Love all your pictures and fun moments! We haven't gotten our Christmas pictures taken yet - I'm growing out a weird haircut and hoping to get that done soon. Love your lipstick in your first picture. That's a great shade for you! I definitely agree with your comments on the election - I'm thankful for the outcome and hoping this will be a positive turn for our great nation. Have a great weekend!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  6. Love those booties! Love your election day celebration ideas(you're the best with stuff like that!) annnnnd I can't wait to see those family pictures!

  7. Terrific five this week! Hubby and I are having some pictures taken this week, too. I can't for the life of me figure out what to wear though...Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  8. Cute booties and cuter kids! We got Parker a doorway jumper today and he is obsessed! I don't think he's too close to crawling, but I can tell that he wants to be on the move! Hope you're having a great weekend!


  9. So much to love here. First off, CUTE booties, I love them. Second, it was fun chatting with you ladies and awaiting the results together on Tuesday. I also feel very hopeful. Also, I LOVE that Sophia wrote Olive back. That is so much fun and such a happy mail day. Last, when did Fletcher get so big?!?! He is growing up SO fast.

  10. Happy almost birthday! I love your new booties! I'm hopeful for the election results too. We were on vacation last week and I was so fearful of our vacation being ruined bc I would cry about the results. (Four years ago we were on vacation as well and it really put a damper on things.) So instead we didn't follow it at all and on Wednesday morning we looked up the results and I was so relieved. Sorry to write a book! :P

  11. I don't like taking pictures, but I love how professional photos look. I'm excited to see how our wedding photos turn out! I will have to try more iced coffee! I've finally started to like hot coffee, but there are days where a chilled option would be great! I love all your themed lunches/snacks/etc! Such a cool way to celebrate everything...wish I would think of things before they happen!!


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