Monday, November 7, 2016

Save or Splurge: The Holidays

The next few months are filled to the brim with holidays - gatherings, parties, crafts and projects.  It's a really fun time of year, but it can get expensive trying to do all of the festive things.  I wanted to share with you how I do tons of fun holiday themed things for my family every year without breaking the bank.  We look forward to festive food, going to parties, making crafts together and decorating our home for each holiday.  

My big secret is: 
right after the holiday is over 
& save it for the following year.

I try really hard not to buy any holiday things at full price.  Now if they're Dollar Tree or Dollar Spot items I don't worry about paying full price.  However, if they're the newest item or sparkliest thing I will wait to use a coupon, wait for them to go on sale or head to the stores the day after a holiday to stock up for the following year.

I had amazing luck using this strategy at my local Meijer this year for Halloween.  I did not buy any full price decor or crafts for Halloween.  I shopped the sales for craft supplies and then I hit the clearance jackpot in the days following Halloween.

Let me show you:

I made two trips to Meijer last week and checked out their Halloween clearance both times.  I was excited to see a VERY FULL clearance section.  There were costumes, decorations, clothing, baking items and everything in between.  Meijer immediately marked their Halloween items 70% off so I appreciated the huge discount.  Their candy was 50% off, but everything else was 70% off.

13 clearance things for $12.78

4 Pumpkins were $0.59 each and can stay out from September through November
Butterfingers were $1.99 and we use them to DIY blizzards all year
Skeleton stickers were $0.89 each
Sun Catcher and crafts were $0.89 each
Foam stickers were $1.49
Martha Steward Halloween Garland was $1.79
Teeth were $0.70

The regular price total would have been $43.88!!!!

HUGE SAVINGS!!!!  I left it all in the Meijer shopping bag and packed it away with our Halloween decor.  When I open up the box next October I'll be set for everything Halloween!  I did keep out the sparkly chevron pumpkins with my Thanksgiving decor and they're so pretty.

I did not buy any costumes.  My kids are not ready to commit to a costume for the following year and I'm unsure about sizing for them.  I also did not buy any of the spooky, gross decorations sticking with my theme of only loving sweet, smiley, friendly Halloween decor.  I looked at the Halloween children's books, but none of them were really compelling.  I passed up socks, shirts and other things in favor of crafts and decor. 

I was also in a local Target right before Halloween.  Bullseye's Playground was FULL of Halloween items and so was their Halloween section.  I wish I lived closer so I could have gone back in after Halloween.  Be sure to check out your local stores even if it's days or a week after a holiday!!

Here's how my stores display their holiday clearance:
Walmart - fill shopping carts at the front of the store
Mejier - turn the holiday section into a clearance section
Target - turn the holiday section into a clearance section

Holiday Disclaimer: 
I will splurge on holiday things that are really special, one of a kind, really limited quantity type of things.  I look for those items at TJ Maxx which is usually discounted from a higher price point or use 40% off coupons at JoAnns, Michaels, Hobby Lobby.  So I'd say shop the sales, use those coupons and try hard not to pay full price for holiday things unless it is something that you really LOVE that you can use for YEARS!

Do you have any money saving tips for me for the holidays?


  1. Clearance is definitely the way to go. Good job finding some holiday bargains for next year! Have a wonderful week!

  2. It is such a smart idea. I always grab sprinkles and cupcake liners on clearance too. I used to be better about all holidays but I have slacked a bit as the girls have grown. You can guarantee I will be one of the first people in the door when Walmart opens on 12-26 though!

  3. You are so wise! I always have the urge to buy all the sparkly new things at the beginning of the season, but when I open my decor bins and find all the things I bought after the previous year, I'm good to go! I've found that stores (Target & Hobby Lobby especially) have started putting seasonal things on clearance even before the holiday arrives. I also shop Dollar General's holiday clearance for cupcake liners, gift bags and other small items.

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  4. It's like we're actually sisters who were separated at birth! haha I'm the same way with stocking up on items after the holiday is over! Great tips! :)

  5. I do this pretty well with Christmas things and will go to Home Depot or somewhere a little more low key and pick up ornament balls or lights/light extensions for so cheap. Then it's SO much fun the next year to pull out your brand new things you're probably forgotten you bought! (unless that's just me with the awful memory... hah)

  6. Like you did with the Butterfinger candy and the chevron pumpkins I like to find holiday sale items that I can use for different things. Candy is a good one for baking. You can find sprinkles that have a variety in one container but there will still be some solid colors that I use year round. Shopping after Christmas is a good time to stock up on your reds for Valentine's Day. I also like buying those gift box sets that end up on super clearance but products I use year round like soaps and body spray. Last year I bought a few of those box sets and then opened them all up and made my own gift baskets to give for teacher appreciation. One year I bought a bunch of the spring colored chocolate chips and froze them and we used those when the recipe called for chocolate chips. I just love that feeling of opening up my seasonal box and finding the loot I bought on clearance the previous year. I always get so proud of myself.

  7. Just like you, I purchase stuff for the next year when it is on clearance. Most of the Halloween clearance was cleared out when I went shopping yesterday but I did manage to get two sets of Halloween lights real cheap.

  8. LOVE it! If I can get to the store in time to get the clearance deals, I love to shop them!!

  9. This is how I snag such fun things for Christmas on the cheap. I shop after the holiday. And I usually use my Christmas money and gift cards to pay for it with.


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