Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday Talk: Day in the Life

I wanted to be sure to document one last day in the life post before Fletcher arrives in a few weeks.  Our days are always different, but I wanted to remember what life was like with one kiddo and figured it would be fun to document one of our favorite days - St. Patrick's Day!!  We had a wonderful day together.  Some days we stay home all day, some days we're out and about most of the day and this one was a mix of both.  We're flexible with our schedule most days and love our time together.

 7:00am I stay up late most nights to get things done and Olive is my alarm clock.  We had a St. Patrick's Day breakfast at home.  We were in a hurry this morning so it was something quick.  The marshmallows were a hit and eating anything with a toothpick is the preference these days.

8:00am Go to closing for our new house!  We signed a million papers, tried to distract Olive and 45 minutes later we were home owners in Indiana.  We both grew up in Indiana, but neither of us have ever owned a home in the Midwest before.

9:00am Celebrate with donuts!  We made a quick stop at our favorite, local donut spot Square Donuts and ate some treats.  The ladies are so nice a whipped up a sprinkle donut just for Olive.  She eats the top off of her donut with all the icing, but isn't interested in the donut once the icing is gone.

10:00am Field trip to Rural King to check out the animals.  We'd been wanting to go for weeks so we decided today was the perfect day since we were right by the store.  I've only been in a Rural King once before, but it was a lot of fun.  We were thankful for nice employees who let Olive pet a chick and gave her a giant I saw the Chicks! sticker.  We could have stayed here all day watching the little chicks.

11:00am Head over to our new house to say hello :)  We played in the backyard for a bit picking up sticks and picking flowers.

12:00pm Head home to find St. Patrick's Day care packages waiting for us and eating some rainbow treats.  Our family and friends are always sweet to remember that this is one of our favorite holidays.

1:00pm Lunch date with Sheriff Callie and then go down for a nap.  We eat lunch together each day and Sheriff Callie rules the world at our house right now.  Thank heavens for DVR so we've always got a ready stash of episodes to watch.  Our toys each have a spot and Olive enjoys helping put everything away before nap time and then again before bed time.

2:00pm Kevin hurried home so I could head to an appointment during Olive's nap.  The clouds were the prettiest, puffiest clouds all week.

 3:00pm Doctor visit with monitoring, tests and it's nice when I can go by myself.  Fletcher was not super cooperative and moving a ton so the appointment took longer than expected.

4:00pm I hurry home and snuggle with Olive after her nap.  She asks for a snack and snuggles and Kevin heads to get a few things at the grocery store.  I definitely got the better end of the deal here.

5:00pm Check on some of our food for our Irish feast.  The rainbow jello turned out PERFECT!  Then we make a few phone calls to say hello to family.

 6:00pm Finish working on dinner prep.  Olive helped me make brown bread and cut up ingredients for Irish stew.  She loves to measure out dry ingredients, stir and insists that we take turns.  That usually means she gets three turns to my one turn.  This picture gives me a little glimpse of what teenager Olive might look like :)  Our dinner is smelling delicious!

7:00pm Time for our Lucky to Have You dinner.  All the food was delicious and Kevin declared it one of our best St. Patrick's Day meals ever.  We went around and shared 4 reasons why we were lucky to have each person in our family and ate lots of food!

8:00pm We watched the NCAA tournament and Olive played.  We all filled out brackets this year and I'm pretty sure Olive is doing better on hers than I am on mine.  She loves lining up her toys and we usually spend some time doing puzzles, reading, playing with toys after dinner.  Then we worked together to make a rainbow treat for dessert.  She loves playing the drums (spatulas) on the dishwasher.

9:00pm Work on getting a temporary tattoo and eating our rainbow treat.  Then time for bed.  We usually try to head to bed by 8:30, but tonight we were a bit later.  We both help get Olive ready and I rock her for a bit.  She goes down sleepy and we say goodnight.

 And that's a wrap on our St. Patrick's Day 2016!
Definitely a busy day with lots of exciting things going on for our family this year.  I wonder what next year will be like with two kiddos to celebrate with!?!?!

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  1. What a FUN mama! Looks like an awesome day and you are so great at making life fun and festive for your sweet fam!

  2. What a FUN and LUCKY day to close on your house. That Rural store looks so fun!


  3. Awww what a fun day! And that dinner DID look delicious!

  4. What a fun day to document. I say the way you ended your day was pretty close to perfection too. Olive looked so sweet in her festive headband and shirt and your dinner setting was just so cute! Next year will be even better with your little guy in the mix.

  5. What a fun St. Patrick's Day + a great day in the life. I always try to plan my post for a day that we aren't chillin' at home in our pjs all day because you all know what that's like so why blog about it, you know?

  6. What an amazing day y'all had! Congratulations on closing on the house! Your rainbow jello turned out really cute. I can't wait to see pictures of the new house. I know y'all are just over the top excited. Jack is the same way about his donuts. He wants chocolate ones and then eats the top part off. My nephew Bennett hates sprinkles. He is weird about textures in or on food and calls sprinkles seeds. He feels the same way about nuts and also calls them seeds. Kids are pretty funny!

  7. Congrats on closing!!! I am so happy I found your blog! Love the Tuesday Talk idea!

  8. I saw an article about square donuts the other day and thought of you!

  9. I saw an article about square donuts the other day and thought of you!


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