Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hospital Bag Must Haves for Baby #2

I'm starting to hit the nesting phase of pregnancy h.a.r.d.  I want to be prepared for everything in the coming weeks so I'm working on assembling Olive's big sister gift to take to the hospital, pack a bag for myself, Fletcher and Kevin and try to remember everything I'll need.  I am typically an overpacker so it's hard for me to just pack a little.  I want to have the things I'll need to be comfortable, but don't want to end up with tons of stuff to mess with in my hospital room.

and I'm wondering if there's anything I'm forgetting or not needing this time around??
Hospital Bag Must Haves

 We live less than 10 minutes from our hospital and depending on the day/time of day I go into labor or have to be induced one of our parents will come up to stay with Olive.  There are food options close by and it won't be hard to run and get something.  I plan to use all the diapers, wipes, mesh undies, pads, etc that the hospital provides for us so I'm not bringing stuff like that.  

What I WON'T be packing this time around...
For my first baby, I wayyyyy over packed and brought silly things like magazines to read (hahaha what was I thinking?!?), my ipod, real clothes for me to wear, a journal (does anyone really take the time to write out their child's birth story in the hospital?!?), our boppy pillow, my pillow from home and too many changes of clothes for the baby.  I'm narrowing my focus this time around to ensure that I have the cute things I want and am not making Kevin lug a zillion bags into our room.

Here's what I'm hoping to pack for each of us:

Fletcher: *all packed because it is his big debut :)
newborn hats, mittens
swaddle blankets
paci options
cute outfits with hand covers
Fletcher bunting for his bassinet 
0 candle for a picture on his birthday

big sister gift & snacks
mini diaper bag packed ready for anyone to take along with her

Phone charger + extension cord so I can keep it on my bed
DSLR camera
robe & cardigan
comfy pjs & bra
slip on shoes & socks
snacks - jelly beans, granola bars, almonds, trail mix, etc.
make-up, dry shampoo, pony tail holders, basic toiletries, hand lotion
an empty bag or two to haul home all of the things we're given at the hospital

Granola bars & Chex mix
Vitamin waters
phone charger
 *he'll likely be heading home to check on Olive from time to time so we're just packing the basics

Is there anything I'm forgetting??
What were your hospital must have items??

I'd also LOVE to know if you have any helpful tips for me about big sister at the hospital! 

Any advice about making life easier for Olive staying at home with grandparents or any ideas for helping her have a good time at the hospital with baby brother.  I'm looking for ways to make her feel included, special and excited when the big day arrives.  Thank you!!


  1. I think you got it covered! I liked having my boppy, but that's just me. You're so close!!


  2. It sounds like you have it all covered. I know I was thankfully to have on good comfortable shoes to walk around in. I had a c-section and walking was difficult but something I had to do so the shoes were important. It is great that y'all live so close. Smart thinking on having a diaper bag packed for Olive so when they need to come up there that is already done. I can't believe how close it is getting!

  3. Your list sounds great! I did need my Boppy to help with breastfeeding, but of course your nurse can always bring more hospital pillows to your room if needed. One thing I would recommend is packing your Boppy in the bag that it comes in at the store. Helps to keep it clean!

  4. I brought my baby book both times so they could stamp the baby's footprints directly in the book.

    Lindsey M.

  5. I took my baby book for footprints and cheap flip flops from Old Navy for showering and walking around the room. I also liked having my own burp cloths since my hospital didn't really offer anything but the standard pink and blue receiving blankets.
    I recently had my second child (2/22) and have a 3 year old as well. I was a bit worried about how my 3 year old would respond to the new addition. Our pediatrician suggested having someone else in the hospital room hold the baby when my 3 year old came in for the very first time. I'm not sure why but this worked out very well for us! We have been so blessed by the love and affection that he shows to his baby brother!!! A fun thing that we did is really talked up his baby brother's birthday. Big brother picked out a gift for baby brother ( a little stuffed elephant with a monogrammed ear) and we shared cupcakes with our guests at the hospital after singing "Happy Birthday!" The whole experience was SO sweet and really provided a way for big brother to be involved.
    Best wishes to you and your family!

  6. You totally have this covered. My favorite is the 0 candle, that is GENIUS! I have never seen anyone do that and now I am so sad that I never did, lol.

  7. Thank you for this!!! Such a great, comprehensive list. I'm definitely saving for a couple months down the road! :)

  8. Make sure you have anything that you will need if you plan to be breastfeeding! I know the hospital has stuff, but I liked using the gel soothies and my own lanolin. Also a nursing pillow is helpful! Maybe some nursing tanks?

    I also had my laptop with me- I'm so glad I did! Though, i did have to stay an extra day because of my positive GBS test.

    As far as olive, I wouldn't plan for her to stay very long. I think a quick hello, some pictures, a few snuggles, and then back to Grandma's is probably the best plan :)


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