Thursday, March 31, 2016


I've got a pretty random list of confessions and random stories for you today...

1. I snapped this picture of Olive when we were waiting for a church service to start.  They didn't have a childcare program during this service so she came in with us.  I was looking back at it and it totally looks like my bare belly is hanging out in church!!!!  I love this picture of her, but let me assure you that my belly stays covered and this is an awkward angle of my ARM.  #nobellyshirtsinchurch

2. We went to brunch with my MIL at IHOP and she arrived before us.  She requested a booth because she knows it's easier to contain a busy toddler in a booth.  So we all go to sit down and I realize that I don't fit in the booth.  My belly was completely squished!  I figured I'd just move the table or go to the other side.  Turns out I couldn't fit on that side either so we had to ask for a new table.  So embarrassing or funny since I know I'm carrying a big baby boy.  I just laughed it off and waited for a roomier seat. #makewayforthebelly

3. I was offered a sample of those uncrustable sandwiches at Sams last week.  I am not usually a pb&j kind of girl, but I went ahead and took it because it was lunch time.  I ate it and LOVED it!  So much so that I contemplated buying a giant box of them from Sams.  Not sure if that's the pregnant girl cravings talking or if they're really that good.  Ever had one - I've almost picked them up several times in the freezer section?? #weirdcraving

4. I had to sit in the waiting room at my OB's office for 3.5 hours a few weeks ago thanks to a long glucose test and I ended up overhearing the strangest conversations.  It's a small room so you couldn't help but be in the middle of them.  I'm a pretty quiet, reserved person so I was surprised at the things people were announcing to the world.
Girl #1 tells her friend that she's really going to have to quit smoking now that she's pregnant.  It's going to be really hard on her because the longest she's ever stopped smoking was the time she spent in jail.
Girl #2 announces to the whole room that she's starving because it's her period week.
Girl #3 comes out of the restroom and I'm standing there waiting in line.  She loudly says that's all pee she could squeeze out so if they needed more she'd have to come back and add more to it. #TMI

5. I read with Olive every day and I got caught skipping pages.  She loves some books that are a little long or wordy so I was giving her the clif notes version.  She stopped and said, "No Mama!  Where's the night part?" I guess I'd skipped over a few of her favorite pictures!  #busted

6. We were getting groceries the other day and Olive asked for a sucker.  I unwrapped the Dum Dum, handed it to her and she almost immediately dropped it on the concrete floor.  She hadn't licked it yet, so I quickly picked it up, blew it off and handed it to her to eat.  It was my last sucker and I knew it would keep her happy for a while.  Maybe I should restock my sucker stash so we don't have this gross scenario again??  #ewwwww

7. I bought a nice make up brush for my powder foundation.  I usually only buy inexpensive ELF brushes and have never really given much thought to cleaning them.  If they started looking bad, I'd just replace them.  So I don't really want to do that with a $30 brush, but I'm clueless as to how to clean them.  How do you clean your nice make up brushes!?!? #helppppp

8.  Olive is obsessed with her stuffed animals.  She has been requesting that she sleeps with all of them and then she tucks them into the crib bumper.  Sometimes Oliver hides in the middle of the animals hoping he'll be safe from her grabby hands. #smartkitty

9.  We've been furniture shopping for sofas and a coffee table recently and it's a pretty exhausting thing to do with a toddler and me being 37 weeks pregnant.  We sit on lots of sofas trying to find the perfect combo of pretty & comfy.  More like we each take turns sitting on couches and the other one follows Olive around the store.  She took advantage of us being distracted with a sales associate and started rearranging price tag tents that were set up on sofas, tables and everything nearby.  She was pretty proud of her work, and I was less than thrilled to try to sort out her mess.  We haven't bought new sofas in 12 years so I'm excited to pick some out even if the process wears me out a bit! #worthit

10. I've been cursed with fever blisters for almost my whole life.  I remember a picture from kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch and I'm sporting fever blisters while holding my pumpkin.  I haven't gotten many lately, but one popped up last week.  Olive kept telling me something was on my face and offering to get me a napkin.  I reassured her hourly that it was an ouchie and not something I could wipe off.  She eventually told me, "Go to the doctor Mama so she can fix your face."  #thanks

I'll end with a little bloggy business item for you:  
I'm going to be taking a little bloggy maternity leave for the month of April.  

We'll be adjusting to life with a new baby and moving so it seemed like the perfect time to step back for a few weeks.  I've lined up some WONDERFUL guest bloggers for the month and hope to check in with a photo dump type of post on Tuesdays.  They'll be sharing all of their favorite things about little boys so I hope you'll enjoy getting some ideas for your sons, nephews, cousins, friend's, or students.  I'll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging routine in May.  You can always keep up with me on instagram @ polkadottyplace.


Please tell me you can relate or at least share a confession of your own :)

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  1. I clean my brushes with Dawn dish soap and warm water. I swirl the brush in my hands to get the soap on it. It's pretty gross to see how dirty they are. I totally thought that was your belly in the first pic before I read it!! Ain't it funny how cameras make things look like other things??? I'd say you deserve a blog break! You have lots going on!! Good luck with the move!!

  2. I also clean my brushes with soap and water. I have had the same Mary Kay brushes forever, and boy the difference is incredible when they are cleaned!
    I laughed about the page skipping...when I need the story to go faster, my husband and I say 'Campbell soup style' aka condensed version ;) It's our code to each other to paraphrase and wrap it up! :)
    Enjoy your month off!!

  3. I use my shampoo to clean my make-up brush. It always feels so soft and clean afterwards!!! Enjoy your leave!!!!! :)

  4. hahaha the cat in the crib!!!! That picture made me laugh out loud!!! Oh girl, the fever blisters... I get them too and I had them for MONTHS ON END during my pregnancies. Something about your immune system being depressed (so it doesn't think the fetus is something it should fight off) and they just popped out. All the time, and continuously. I hate them too. I can't wait to read (and be part of!) all the great guest bloggers in April!!!

  5. I will miss your blog.....

  6. I totally remember not being able to fit into booths! When I had a nice make up brush, I bought a clinique brush cleaner. Not sure if it was worth it, but it was ok. It's so funny to hear people's conversations sometimes!


  7. All of your confessions had me laughing and/or nodding my head in agreement!

    You know I'm looking forward to those weekly photo dumps! Enjoy that baby boy! :)

  8. Loving these confessions - especially the belly one, knowing that you really did have a BIG boy in there:) Congrats again on the safe arrival of precious Fletcher! You deserve the blogging break!

    I have always cleaned my brushes with rubbing alcohol, as I know they are good and clean afterwards. I just soak a paper towel in alcohol and then dab the brushes on it. However, I do like the idea of completely submerging the brushes in soapy water (love me some Dawn soap!) and think I may try that next time!

  9. #1 made me lol and furniture shopping is EXHAUSTING right?! We had to buy almost a whole houseful when we moved into our place. Oh man, I NEVER want to do that again. You think it would be fun, nope. Hope the four of you are adjusting and doing well!

  10. I loved the PB&J and grilled cheese Uncrustables in college. They were a lot easier than trying to keep bread and the other ingredients. You have to microwave the grilled cheese, but it's good with tomato soup. And I use Sephora's brush shampoo on my brushes.

  11. Laughing out loud at number one. #croptoponfleek 2. I work with a coworker who always asks for a table instead of a booth. He and I grabbed lunch when I was pregnant and they seated us at a booth - he said it was fine, not wanting to move. I was the one who couldn't fit in the booth haha! They make those things so small! 3. We keep them in our freezer for DAN. Olivia wont eat sandwiches because its food touching. But Dan loves a good uncrustable. 8. #camoonfleek 10. I'm laughing out loud at Olive's comment. "fix your face" - at least it was a fever blister and Olive doesn't say that on the regular? I was biting my nails and Olivia told me "mama - we DONT suck our thumbs" - they are too funny.


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