Thursday, March 3, 2016

It's All in the {Sprinkle} Details

I wanted to write one final post about Fletcher's sprinkle.  
The details came together perfectly and I think the guests appreciated them.

// FAVORS //
Chocolate covered pretzels are one of my very favorite treats so I thought they'd be perfect favors for my guests.  I did a little price research and found that the best deal on pretzels was a huge container at Sams for under $6 and all the toppings came from the baking aisle at Wal-Mart.  
I used white chocolate and milk chocolate almond bark
mini m&ms
heath bar
mini chocolate chips

 It only took me about an hour to dip 200+ pretzels and then another hour to let them dry.
It was fun to have a big variety of toppings.
I put 6 pretzels/bag and made sure to have 6 different pretzels in each bag.

I picked up a giant roll of ribbon from my favorite ribbon spot - SAMS!!
It's $5.96 for 50 yards of wired ribbon and the burlap was perfect!
It seemed boyish, you know I love polka-dots and I can use this ribbon for many other things!
I color printed these favor tags in navy from Play Party Plan.
They worked out perfectly and we got several compliments on them. 

I cut all the ribbon the same length and then tied them into a bow tie kind of bow.
I attached the thank you tag to the wire twist tie and then tied the bow over that.
They turned out great!
I made extra and had zero to take home with me.

My MIL purchased 3 spring plants to give out to guests.  She selected tulips and hyacinths that were so pretty.  Then she wrote Fletcher on the bottom of two dinner plates and picked an envelope from the thank you notes to give flowers to.  The guests loved taking them home and no one had to play games.

I look for any way to add books to my children's library so having a guest book for guests to write a message in was perfect.  I picked up "Are You My Mother?" because I love the book and we don't already have it.  It was laid on the entry table and guests were encouraged to sign in several times throughout the sprinkle.  I can't wait to share it with Fletcher when he gets older.  I've done birthday party guest books for Olive the past two years and she loves them.  We talk about who wrote each message and it's a fun keepsake for her.

My MIL picked up some F monogrammed note cards for me to use as thank you notes.  They were so cute and went with our alphabet theme so well.  All of the guests wrote their names and addresses on each envelope to save me some work.  She found these cute cards at Target and I'm thinking about picking up another box to have on hand for thank you notes for our little guy.  

Hope you got a few new party ideas :)

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  1. That's a great idea for favors, and it's easy enough to do. Love the idea of keepsake guest books.

  2. I absolutely love the idea of a children's book for a guest book! So creative, fun and USEFUL! Looks like a wonderful celebration!

  3. Love the guest book idea!!

    Lindsey M.

  4. What a fabulous shower! Love the pretzels, I need to try those soon!

  5. All such great ideas!!! Those "F" cards are precious and you should go ahead and pick up more while they have them. I LOVE chocolate covered pretzels and I wish I had each of those right now. Wonderful favors for your guests!

  6. They are so cute! Emily was just over my shoulder saying Mmmmm!!!! We'll have to look for those at our Sams!

  7. It was a great party...Looking forward to meeting our little Fletcher.....Loved the pretzels...Still working on my baby afghan...Thanks for all the pictures...They were really good....Kiss little Olive for me...Love Gram..Look forward every day to reading your blog..☺

  8. Cover pretzels in anything and I'll be your guest for life. I love, love the idea of signing a book. We gave my daughter a "book shower" for her first child and everyone had to pick a book we purchased ahead of time and sign it with a blessing so every time she read it she would remember who was at her shower. And, she received a ton of children's books. Thanks for sharing this week at my party.

  9. I just love this? And that you made little favors for your shower. We did a mini spa day with girls. No presents BC we already had all the girl stuff. So fun to celebrate the second baby just like the first!

  10. Love these! I love good party details!


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