Thursday, February 25, 2016

Baby Boy: Weeks 29-32

Time for my monthly pregnancy update:

Week 29 – acorn squash – January 25:
I had a good doctor’s visit this week.  Baby is looking great.  He’s till head down and growing right on track.  My blood pressure and lab work is all looking good so I don’t have to go back for two weeks.

I’ve started taking 30 minute power naps many days a week because I feel so sleepy by the time afternoon hits.  Thankfully Olive usually takes a solid 2 hour nap so I get work done for the first part of her nap and then take a quick nap for the end of her nap. 

We did some more house hunting this week and are making great progress.
I’m eating lots of cereal for snacks and meals.  We’re also trying to snack on fruits and veggies.

Week 30 – cucumber – February 1:
It’s getting harder to find a comfy position to sleep in these days.  My belly seems to have hit a growth spurt and I find myself feeling a draft as it’s poking out the bottom of my shirts.  My hair is growing like crazy thanks to these prenatal vitamins. 

All the desserts are sounding good to me.  I’m still monitoring my blood pressure daily and it’s much lower so I’m hoping to stop that soon.

Olive is very interested in my belly.  She lifts up my shirt and says things like, “Let me snuggle that baby!”  She’s good at helping me pick up stuff that I drop which seems to be more of a regular occurrence.  My reflexes aren’t great right now and I’m feeling super clumsy.

I’m still hitting my 9,000 step goal most days which makes me happy.  We finalized details for a little baby sprinkle at the end of the month with family and friends.  I’m looking forward to celebrating Fletcher with everyone.  

Week 31 – pineapple – February 8:
My gums are feeling super sensitive and bleeding easily.  It’s harder to get comfy in bed and my heart burn is back.  It seems to happen regardless of what I eat so I’m just taking tums and drinking lots of water.  My belly is feeling tight and crampy regularly.  I’m clumsier than ever and seem to drop things all day long.  I’ve started planning my errands around bathroom stops and have to go all the time.  Pregnancy is so glamorous!
Kevin says my belly has changed shape.  I’ve carried lower than I ever did with Olive and Fletcher seems to have dropped.  He’s head down so all of those are good signs for labor.  My blood pressure is staying low high (low for me, but high in general) so that’s good.

Strangers are commenting on my pregnancy and asking questions – boy or girl, due date and other random things.

Week 32 – squash – February 15:
Someone asked me my due date and when I told them they said, “Wow, you’ve still got a long way to go!”  She acted shocked because I guess I was looking huge to her.  Thanks for the confidence booster.

Olive keeps giving my belly check ups, talking to baby brother and tells me that baby brother is in her belly.  She calls him Fletcher and says he’s so cuuuuuuute.  She also likes to tell me that baby Fletcher is in her belly.  She lifts up her shirt to try to convince me.

Kevin informed me that my hour glass figure is disappearing with my growing baby bump.  He thought it was a nice thing to say – like our baby boy is getting so big isn't that exciting - but it made me feel huuuuuuge.  So I let him know that wasn’t my favorite thing to hear at this point in my pregnancy.  I think he got the message and will be rewording his "compliments" for next time.

I’m craving cereal, ice cream and all of the sugary candy I can get my hands on.  I wake up in the middle of the night and feel like I’m STARVING.  I get up at least once a night to pee, but am sleeping pretty well overall.  I try to squeeze in a few naps during the week when Olive goes down for a nap.  I’ve also been trying to get to bed around 11:00 every day which has helped me not feel so tired.

Pregnancy with Olive

My 33rd week of pregnancy is going well.  I have a big doctor's visit this week to measure and give an update on how Fletcher is growing and my usual well check.  Then we're headed home for a baby sprinkle in our honor!  I'm excited to see family & friends and get to celebrate Fletcher with everyone.


  1. Ahh, people mean well, don't they? 😳 I had a similar "when are you due" "you are HUGE" comment when I was carrying Henry, who ended up weighing 9lb 11oz and it so depressed me! You look beautiful and I know you are loving every minute of this pregnancy! Enjoy your sprinkle this weekend!

  2. So glad everything's going so well!! You only get up ONCE a night?! Jealous. I make minimum 3 nightly restroom trips these days. ugh. People and their comments! (including husbands) Anthony pointed to my stomach over the weekend while laughing and said "That thing is ridiculous!". Looking good girl, keep it up!

  3. I love all the pics of Olive holding the produce. SO SWEET! And WHY does everyone look shocked when I mention when my due date is? Not helpful, people! HA!

  4. These posts are going to be so much fun for you and Olive to look back on. You are looking great and it won't be too much longer. Things seem to be moving right along with you and Fletcher both healthy which is so great. Thank God for no more blood pressure issues. I'm excited to see the Sprinkle pictures!

  5. You look fabulous! I always craved sweets, too!

  6. I wonder if Olive will think he's cute when he's crying or taking her stuff, haha.

  7. Love these pregnancy posts! I'm due shortly agree you and have gotten my share of comments too from "Here, let me help you with that, you look like you're going to go into labor at any second now!" To "Are you sure your due date is two months away? I would swear it's sooner or you must be having twins!" Haha!! It makes you want to say, thanks for basically saying I'm gigantic! Oh well. You're in the home stretch now!! Will you be doing any posts on your hospital bag? I'm always curious to see what people pack!

  8. I love reading these updates. No matter how tiring a newborn is, it doesn't compare to pregnancy. You're getting so close! And you look great!!

  9. You look so great Whitney and you are really in the home stretch now. I hope you have a blast at your baby sprinkle :)!!!

  10. You look so great Whitney and you are really in the home stretch now. I hope you have a blast at your baby sprinkle :)!!!


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