Friday, February 19, 2016

Hello Friday!

We had a great week at our house (minus a screw in my tire)!  Luckily, I discovered it when my car was parked in the driveway and my hubby was able to take it to be fixed quickly.  Crisis averted :) 

We got lots of things done at home, helped Kevin prepare for his first round of interviewing potential grad students for next year, had some friends over to the house and are headed to a bounce house this morning with friends.  We enjoyed a few snow days and made some definite progress in the house hunting / final decision making department.  We are so excited at the prospects of being in our own house again and are completely in LOVE with the one we found.

The best parts of our week were:

// 1 //
This was our third snow of the season and we loved it.  My whole family loves winter, the cold and the snow especially after being in the South the past two winters and missing out on a whole lot of winter.  We played in the snow, watched it snow and just loved the winter weather.  We didn't have anywhere to be so we just enjoyed being home in the snow.  Olive learned to make snowballs, discovered her beach toys made great snow toys and loved playing out in the white stuff.  She finally decided she liked her sled and would have played outside all day if I would've let her.

// 2 //
My MIL discovered this new Kate Spade Home line at Dillards and thought I needed some of it.  The potholders are so pretty and rumor is there is a lot more - canisters, measuring cups, table cloths, etc.  I'm excited to go in and check out the whole display because Kate Spade can do no wrong in my book.

// 3 //
I spent time reading for fun every day this week.  It's not something that I'm great at doing so I put it on my daily checklist and made sure to set aside time during nap time or in the evenings to read.  I'm LOVING reading Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington.  I have almost finished the book so look for a review of it next week. I also love that after posting this picture on instagram Allie Worthington commented on my post.  Major author interaction points for her :)  Have you read this book yet?

// 4 //
I made my first smoothie bowl this week and it was really tasty.  It had a cup of spinach in it and lots of yummy fruit.  I don't have any trouble getting in my daily fruit, but veggies are a whole different story.  You really couldn't taste it and I enjoyed adding on some delicious toppings.  My toddler didn't approve of the bowl format so I put hers in a cup and she chugged it.  What's your favorite smoothie or smoothie bowl combo?

// 5 //
We did a little mullet management at our house this week.  It took Olive a long time to sprout hair so I've been hesitant to do much more than trim a piece here and there.  I decided it was needing a healthy trim so I pulled out the Dum Dums and got busy.  I cut about an inch off the back and it looks so much better.  I'm sure she's going to quickly outgrow my hair cutting skills so it was nice to be able to do a free trim at home for now.

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I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!!
Do you have any fun plans?


  1. Looks like this week was "snow" much fun! ;) Hope your weekend is every bit as terrific!
    xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  2. I always enjoy seeing Olive in your photos both here and on Instagram. She has quite the personality. Especially when you video her. Have a fun weekend. Stay #2 will be here soon enough.

  3. oh my gosh shes the cutest! have a great weekend!

  4. I am so excited to hear more about your new house!! SO exciting!! And that smoothie bowl looks SO yummy!! I have a kale, strawberry and banana smoothie every morning- I love the idea of changing it up a bit and making into a bowl! Have you ever had an Acai bowl? Those are supposed to AMAZING! Have a great weekend!

  5. The snow pictures are so cute! We've hardly had any snow this year!

  6. Smoothie bowl! GENIUS. I hate drinking smoothies. I bet you if I put it in a bowl my mind would be able to handle it. I'm so going to try that!

    And this is random, but I just think you should know that your blog is one of my favorites to read! So much good stuff :)

  7. Ah snow! Fun! Ours is melting. I could really go for another snow day yet this winter... Glad you're reading Breaking Busy!

  8. OBSESSED with that Kate Spade kitchenware! Definitely heading to Dillard's ASAP to snag some up ;) And hooray for having a handy hubby to help with those car malfunctions! Hope your weekend is great!


  9. Those pot holders are sooooo beautiful! How nice of your MIL to pick those up for y'all. I love Olive's jacket-so colorful! I'm excited to hear more about the house. I know y'all are so excited. We are spending the weekend outside playing. We actually have the A/C on here and tomorrow is going to be in the 70s. I'm looking forward to some sunshine.

  10. Elizabeth has the same mullet hairdo, and NOW I'm inspired to cut it myself. I think I can. I think I can. And that Kate Spade collection is really cute! I haven't seen any of it in person, but those prints are so cute. I haven't read Breaking Busy but I DID hear a podcast with Alli Worthington and it was great. I need to add it to my library list. Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  11. So much fun to be had! Emily was also very bald for a LONG time and she still hasn't had a hair cut yet. In fact I've only cut the little v from the back of her hair twice. Those curls are just crazy. So jealous of all of your snowy fun!


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