Thursday, February 18, 2016


I have a few random things to confess to you today.

Let's see if you can relate to any of them.

1. We live ridiculously close to the train tracks in our new city.  Thankfully, we're just renting.  We did know the train tracks were there, but were assured that they weren't frequented and trains came through just a few times a week.  Well, those were big fat lies and trains come through 6-7 times a day - really loud, really fast and at all hours of the day and night.  We've all adjusted, but it's kind of ridiculous.  Olive and I were both enjoying some quiet reading time when a train came through our living room or at least that's what it felt like.  Her face says it all...

2. Someone asked me my due date the other day so I told them it was early April.  They said, "Really?  I'm surprised you've still got that long to go."  AKA She was saying you're looking huuuuuuuge... thanks :(

3. I went in for a routine doctor check up last week.  They did the usual intake - weight, blood pressure & urine sample.  Then I waited for 90 minutes in a packed waiting room.  There was no sign of me ever getting called back in the near future and Kevin was missing work to stay home with Olive.  I usually just wait things out, but that day I went up to the receptionist and told her I'd have to reschedule my appointment because I couldn't wait any more.  We just scheduled my next appointment for two weeks away and said I'd call if I had any issues before then.  It felt super good to stand up for myself and hurry home so Kevin could get to work.

4. I'm terrible about getting to bed before midnight.  It's usually 12:15/12:30 when we finally crawl into bed and my Olive alarm clock goes off way too early.  So I've imposed an 11:00 bedtime that we're trying to stick to.  I'm hoping we'll all feel more well rested and it'll be a change we can stick with.

5. Olive is getting better and better at talking on the phone.  When I call home, she'll get on the phone and say I MISS YOU SO MUCH MAMA.  I LUB YOU.  HURRY HOME.  She'll answer questions and can have a conversation.  She's quickly approaching 3 and it's such a cute age (most of the time).

6. We made plans to get take out for Valentine's Day and have dinner at home.  Then we got lots of snow and my hubby wasn't feeling well so we opted to just eat at home and postpone our dinner plans.  I fixed a frozen pizza and fruit.  Kevin tried to be sweet and put the bouquet of flowers on the table for our dinner.  Olive was not having it and did not want the flowers on the table.  She was throwing a big fit and then knocked the whole vase over as we were setting the table.  She ended up in time out three times during our "romantic" dinner at home.  Parenting isn't so romantic sometimes.  Thankfully we all recovered in time to have some funfetti cupcakes for dessert.

7. We're getting really close to closing a deal on a new house and it's kind of overwhelming to add up the cost of inspections, appraisals, and other misc costs.  Add in the cost of things that you'd like to buy to furnish your new house and I am really wishing money grew on trees.

8. Taking toddlers shopping is always an adventure.  Sometimes I've got a dream baby on my hands and other times I question my sanity.  We were in Meijer last week and stopped in the restroom when we first got there.  I usually try to avoid public restrooms when I've got Olive with me, but this pregnant lady had to make a pit stop.  We walked into a crowded restroom that wasn't very fresh smelling.  Olive shouted, "MAMA, IT MELLS HORRIBLE IN HERE!"  I tried to shush her and hurry into a stall.  Then she was handing me toilet paper and ended up on all fours peeking under the stall saying hello to the lady beside us.  All I could do was finish up as quick as possible and head out to do our shopping.

9. Putting on my pants, shoes and socks has become a chore at 32 weeks pregnant.  I try to coax my toddler into helping me by bringing me my shoes, but it only works about half the time.

10. My hubby saw a commercial for The Bachelor and said, "Is that show still on??"  We don't watch it and are obviously behind the times.  I have been watching American Idol's last season which does feel behind the times and haven't been that impressed.  I like the judges, but the show just seems boring.  Bring on The Voice in February.  

11. I DVR'd the newest Grey's Anatomy, but haven't been able to bring myself to watch it.  I am not really in any hurry to watch Meredith get assaulted.  Anyone else??  Maybe I'll just skip it and watch the aftermath tonight.

12. My favorite candy in the world are Jolly Rancher chews.  They come in 5 flavors, are deliciously chewy and taste just like jolly ranchers.  I'm embarrassed to say how many bags I've consumed over the years and they are our go to road trip candy.  Well it looks as though they've been DISCONTINUED because I can't find them anywhere - nooooooooo!!  I just checked amazon and am seriously considering buying some overpriced bags to hoard.

13. Few things make me feel older than watching the Grammys.  I DVR'd them because I knew I'd likely want to fast forward through large chunks of the show.  I enjoyed the performances by: Taylor Swift, Sam Hunt, Carrie Underwood and was happy to see them win.  I was confused by odd outfits, strange songs and artists I'd never heard of winning awards.  Good thing I didn't try to endure the show in real time otherwise it would have been a long night.

Do you have any good stories to share with me?

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  1. Love the look on her face in that pic! My niece is due with a baby in April too. I haven't watched The Bachelor either.

  2. I love reading these confessions! Again, I laughed out loud at Olive's announcement at the bathroom smell! Ha ha!

  3. The Grammys. What in the world was up with everyone's outfits?! I read an article on the "best" outfits of the night, and when I got done I scrolled back up to the top because I seriously thought I'd misread the title and it was the worst outfits of the night. Nope, people actually thought they looked good. Definitely feel old and out of touch! :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  4. Why do people make comments to pregnant ladies when it's not nice? If you dont have anything nice to say, why are you willing to say it? Especially to someone who has hormones running through them and is not responsible for her reactions?? :) Sorry people are dumb!

  5. Argh... that makes me mad someone made that comment!!! I hated the comments when I was pregnant. With my first I was told all the time I was "huge" and "you're HOW far along?? Oh wow." I mean.. why? Why do people do that?? We used to live by a train too and got used to it, but still got caught off guard as well. Olive's face in reaction to it was precious!!!!

  6. people are so rude with pregnancy comments!! come on!!! and that is terrible about your appointment - i'd be so frustrated!

  7. Oh so many of these I want to comment on! Where to start?! I want to smack people who say stupid things to pregnant ladies. (a strange man behind me in line in wal-mart today said it looked like my baby might fall out at any time. I smiled politely and silently. He then said "wouldn't it be weird if you had it in the parking lot" I agreed that would not be ideal. He then said "yea, you'd be better off at least having it in the store"......I just ignored. From working in the health care field, my secret tip is try at all costs to get the first appointment of the day, OR (sometimes even better) the first one after the office closes for lunch. That trick has given me some pretty nice wait time free prenatal appts this go round- 12:45 is my usual appt time now ; ) HOW do you stay up so late? I would die. New house- oooooooo fun! Aww now I'm not excited about the Grey's waiting on my dvr. I don't like icky/sad. : ( We had the same convo about the Grammy's and how "kids" are ridiculous these days. bahaha #weareold

  8. Such a funny and embarrassing story about your daughter peeking under the stall. I know those days are coming for me. My girls are almost 14 months. I watched the Grey's and it was sad, but it had a good ending. But I would probably skip it if you aren't too sure about it.

  9. Lol loving your confessions!! When Jim and I were first married we lived in a duplex right by some train tracks + crossing for almost two years. The horn was SOOOOO loud. We'd have to stop talking or pause our movie or anything else you might want to hear when the train came by. So funny. And you're right, you do get used to it....but you also don't miss it once it's gone :p

  10. The episode of Grey's is actually not THAT bad. The assault is mostly done behind window blinds so but the aftermath is pretty yucky. However, Denzel Washington directed the episode and you can totally tell!

  11. A new house, YAY! That is really exciting friend. Those trains are CRAZY loud, especially in the winter months. I never would have pictured you as a night owl for some crazy reason.

  12. On #2... WHY OH WHY do people say things like that? I just.don'

    #3 happened to me once too. I never get mad but I was so frustrated because Eric had taken off of work like your husband! They kept telling me "10 more minutes" but it dragged on and on...

    #7 So exciting!!!! And I feel you on money growing on trees :)

  13. Oh toddlers. They definitely make life interesting - and dinners much less romantic, lol! And YES - the home buying process is so expensive. Unexpected fees and expenses pop up everywhere and end up becoming so stressful. It will be worth it in the end, but getting to that point can be tough!

  14. We live right beside the train track also and Jack LOVES it. He is obsessed with trains and he gets so excited when he hears one coming. Today we were lucky enough to be outside when one came by. Oh he was so excited! I love seeing him so excited.

    Good for you for standing up for yourself in the doctor's office. If you are anything like me you hate rocking the boat but sometimes it is necessary.

  15. That train has to be so annoying! Yay that things with the move are coming along! Kids can just make meals heck, can't they?!

  16. You are so adorable.I don't what it is exactly, but I love reading your posts. Olive is such a sweetheart. And I agree, three year olds are delightful until they pull the "knocking over flowers" stunts. Then they are a mystery!

  17. Correcting my mistake, I don't know what it is exactly....

  18. Maybe I'm crazy, maybe it's because I spent five of my first seven years next to an Air Force base airstrip, but I love the sounds of trains and planes. And yes on the money for a new house. Moving always makes me pinch my pennies.

  19. Love the pic! Oh Peyton and I have a doozy story in a public bathroom. We were at Cracker Barrel and we both went in the use the bathroom, she went first and then I did. While I was going, she said "Kel you have hair on your hiney." I told her to hush and then she proceeded to keep saying over and over and louder as well. My sister happened to be in there at the time so she was laughing her head off. Oh kids. I just can't wait to have my own. LOL


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