Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Five

We had a fun week at our house.  Lots of sunshine, play dates, friends, college basketball and chocolate covered pretzels.  Life with a toddler is always an adventure, but we had a really fun/easy/sweet week with Olive.  She was so cute and a good time was had by all.  Not all weeks are that way so it's worth noting toddlers can be oh so FUN!  

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The BEST parts of our week were:

// 1 //
College Basketball
We were given basketball tickets so we took Olive to her first college game on Sunday.  We had a great time and were able to stay the whole time.  She loved watching the band, the cheerleaders, the mascot and the action on the court.  She's a girl after my own heart and scarfed down a huge soft pretzel.  We've really enjoyed all the perks of living in a college town this year. 

// 2 //
Spring Lips
I ran into CVS yesterday to pick up a few things and everything I wanted was BOGO half off.  I picked up two new lipsticks for Spring and I love both colors.  They're Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink Velvet 423 (right) and Cherries in the Snow 440 (left).  There were so many pretty colors that I had a hard time just picking two.  I love the feel of this product and can't wait to start using them.

// 3 //
I love getting edible party favors when I go to events so I made 8 different kinds of chocolate covered pretzels for my sprinkle this weekend.  I had a blast making them and coming up with different topping combinations.  I'm hoping my friends and family will be excited to take home a bag of them on Saturday.  Olive was thrilled with them and said, "Mama, deeze cookies sure are yummy!"
Here's a sneak peek at the cute sprinkle invitations:

// 4 //
We've got the cutest squirrels on the planet living in our backyard.  They're chubby, friendly and will climb the patio door screen to get our attention if their food is running low.  This is Norman and he's actually much thinner than he was a few months ago.  He's clearly hungry and so politely waiting for food.  Don't worry we quickly refilled his food supply.  The whole family (cats included) enjoy squirrel watching on our patio :)

// 5 //
33 Weeks
I had a doctor's visit yesterday to check on baby Fletcher and myself.  I'm wrapping up my 33rd week so I loved hearing updates and talking about a birth game plan with my doctor.  They've estimated his weight is already SIX pounds and I've still got several weeks to go.  My blood pressure was good so we're both just going to keep plugging along.  We'll see how it all plays out, but I'm preparing for a healthy big baby boy.  I was induced at 39 weeks with Olive so we'll see how things go with our little man.  I did a double take at my own reflection this week when we were out doing some shopping.  Baby is definitely growing :)

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I hope you have a really great weekend!!
Do you have any fun plans?
We're headed to visit family and have a sprinkle in honor of our baby BOY!!
Tune back in next week for all of the details :)


  1. Happy Friday, friend! Enjoy this special weekend! Those invitations sure are adorable :-)

  2. Love those lip colors, so pretty. You did an awesome job on the party treats!

  3. 6 lbs already! What a healthy baby boy! Love those lipstick colors. I may dive into lipstick some day. You do it so well! Have a great weekend!

  4. Cute invites! Can't wait to see how the sprinkle turns out!

  5. Your sprinkle invites are so cute!!! and that squirrel!!! OMG!!! I would just feed him and feed him because that little face!! Looks like you had a great week my friend!!! xoxo

  6. So fun that you guys got to go to a basketball game! I love college sports- I think they have such a fun energy about them!! And those pretzels- YUM!!! Your guests are going to love them!! Have a wonderful weekend at your sprinkle with all of your family!

  7. Y'all are always doing the most fun stuff! Y'all really did move to a great place full of wonderful things to do. That soft pretzels Olive had sounds really great right now. Those pretzels are so cute and will be such a yummy gift for the Sprinkle. Have a great weekend!

  8. How cute that you have little squirrel neighbors! I bet Olive loves that! I'm a couple weeks behind you and feeling huge, even though I'm pretty sure I'm smaller this time around than I was with Lucy! Pregnancy is weird. We're getting so close!


  9. How cute is the sprinkle invites? Love those! And now I'm off to find pretzels and chocolate - I'm pretty sure I actually have some somewhere my SIL made last weekend! Have a great weekend!

  10. Those sprinkle invites are so cute, and the pretzels look delicious!

  11. Sheesh you look so cute! I'm pretty sure I had quit trying by 33 weeks. Go you! lol

    O is a girl after my own heart too. I can down a soft pretzel with some nacho cheese. Mmmmmm.

  12. I love the picture of you and Olive at the ball game, looking over the banister. You look beautiful! <3 Cherries in the snow is my all time favorite lipstick - I don't know why I only have that one shade from the super lustrous line. Those favors look delish...your guests will feel so appreciated! Enjoy your sprinkle!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  13. Looks like a fun week! Now you have me wanting those pretzels. Maybe Fletcher will not be as big as they think like Emma? Big, but not too big? Pink blush is the best. But so glad I'm out of maternity clothes!

  14. Have fun at your sprinkle this weekend! Those dipped pretzels look so delicious! I love getting edible goodie bags too

  15. College town living would be so fun- great that y'all are enjoying the perks! Amen to the toddler comment- I try hard to cherish and recognize the times that L is being super cool because whew- tantrums can stand out in my mind clearer sometimes!! Haha can't wait to see sprinkle pics! Hope y'all are having a great one!

  16. Haha! Grow baby grow that is a SERIOUS bump and I love it. It reminds me SO much of my pregnancy with M. I was "measuring big" at my 34 week sono so they did another at 38 weeks to see if he thought we needed to do a c-section. Well they estimated he to be around 7 lbs. A week later I was induced and she was 9+, lol. I guess she was so squished they couldn't measure her well. I got asked ALL the time if she was twins too.

    I hope the sprinkle was a blast!


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