Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weeks 31-34

An update to my pregnancy timeline...

Week 31: Baby girl is the size of a pineapple: April 1
-I had a cold and am having trouble sleeping through the night luckily I was on Spring Break and got to rest a-lot!
-I'm measuring right on track and baby has a 164 heart beat.
-We got to go to a Jazz game and have a date night.
-Craving ice cream and not wanting to eat red meat.
Week 32: Baby girl is the size of a squash: April 8
 -I'm back to sleeping great.
-We had a baby shower with all of my teacher friends.  We were both spoiled!
-Kankles are reappearing.
Week 33: Baby girl is the size of a durian fruit: April 15
 -I'm having weird hip pain and walking like an old lady.  Time to start sleeping with 3 pillows.  One for my head, one to support my belly and another between my legs.  Seems excessive but it really helps.
-Craving fruit, cereal, ice cream and lots of snacks.  Lots of sweets.
-Busy week at school: book publishing party, art stroll, field trips and meetings.
-Baby bump is measuring right on track, blood pressure is too high, first Nonstress test which kind of stressed me out.  Baby is doing great but I'm having some complications.  Twice a week NST are scheduled from here on out and talks of being induced are on the table now.
-First real pregnancy scary moment... visit to the hospital to check us out.  Baby is fine and I'm having more complications related to my blood pressure.  I had a few contractions while hooked up to all of the monitors.  Take it easy is what the doctor ordered.
-We got pre-registered for our hospital stay, got a hospital tour and feel more prepared for baby's arrival.
-I'm working 3 days a week instead of 5 to try to take it easy and avoid any bed rest.
-Kevin headed to Little Rock to find us a place to live.  I was a little nervous about being home alone but I had some good friends "on call" just in case I needed anything.
Week 34: Baby girl is the size of a butternut squash: April 22 
-2 more NSTs this week and Olive is doing great.  She's moving a ton
-I was resting on the couch and noticed my belly was lopsided.  It seemed like Olive had her bum poking out.  She is really kicking and it's nice to know that she's head down.  This was also the first time that the nurse could see Olive's chest moving up and down during an ultrasound.  She's getting stronger.
-More blood work and tests because everything that they measure is high for me.  More and more talks of a 37 week induction.  I'm okay with that :)
-Starting to get some kankles again.
-A pregnancy first, we went out to dinner and I didn't fit in my side of the booth.  It was too tight for me and my belly!  Kevin and I switched sides and luckily I fit in his side.
-We went on our last babymoon getaway to Park City: out to dinner, outlets and strolling around were just what the doctor ordered.
-Nesting mode has set in. 

>6 weeks to go until my due date but Olive might be making her appearance early in > 2 weeks.

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  1. Gosh its so close!!! It seems like yesterday I was reading your post if the pic with you and Kevin's feet and the baby shoes announcing your pregnsncy!! So glad everything is going good and your resting!! Take care of yourself and Olive!!
    Go Irish,


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