Saturday, January 11, 2014

PDP Goals for 2014

I LOVE blogging and it's become one of my favorite hobbies.
I've met new friends, connected with tons of people 
and just thoroughly enjoy my little space on the internet.

Thank YOU for reading, commenting and supporting my blog.
The time has flown and I've been loving blogging since July 2011.

I want Polka-Dotty Place
 to continue to grow and THRIVE (my word of the year) in 2014
so here are a few goals that I've set for myself:

1. Respond to everyone that comments on my blog via email.
If I don't respond, you are probably a No Reply Blogger.
Click on the link to investigate.

2.  Take the time to comment on other people's blogs.
I need to comment right away when I read something good/interesting because I know that I am not good about going back and commenting.  I always enjoy getting comments so I figure other people do too!

3. Use a blog calendar to plan fun things for my blog.
I've always just scheduled posts, linked up and come up with 2 a day blog posts.
I'm looking forward to organizing and managing my blog better this year.

4. Look for new opportunities & challenge myself - write more being open and honest so my friends get to know me better, guest blog, do product reviews, link ups, explore blog conferences, photography classes, sewing, learning to use my new DSLR camera, etc.

Looking forward to another exciting year of blogging!!


  1. I hope you post more about your camera! I'm trying to decide if I want to splurge on one. But I worry my kids will get a hold of it and having a throwing contest.

  2. I think those are all great goals...I'm making them my own too :). For #3 I've found that using an editorial calendar has been rely helpful in getting me to's nothing fancy, just something i made in excel.
    Take care!
    Merrie @

  3. Great goals! Commenting on other blogs is a big one for me this year!

  4. I like that you have goals. I try to comment more too. Have a great Monday!


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