Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Best Baby Toys 7-9 Months

I wanted to share Olive's favorite toys right now.  She's a huge fan of toys and definitely has favorites.  I know that every baby is different but it's always fun to see what toys are out there.

Our Favorites:
Eric Carle soft interactive book & frog with chewy items on each leg - Barnes & Noble
baby remote - Wal-Mart
interlocking rings
baby keys
old remote with batteries removed - Comcast :)
Musical Mirror Snail
Taggi Chime Ball
Clippity Cloppity Horse - TJ Maxx
Puppy dog with many textures and crinkles
Fisher Price Talking Dog

She also loves board books and books with sections to feel
and her boppy is no longer required to help her sit up but she loves lounging on it.
Her exersaucer is is still a huge hit.
 She's entertaining herself more and more these days.
 Win-win for both of us :)

 Olive just got this
Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Home Playset for Christmas.
She loves it and there's so much more for her to do as she gets older.

 Her favorite high chair toys are the ones that suction to her tray - all from Babies R Us.

What toys do your babies love??


  1. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Liebster award! Check out for more details! Thanks for such a great blog!

  2. I don't have a blog:-( I am 57 years old, first time Grandma of a precious 1 month old boy. I have 4 adult children. I share tips from our blog with my 23 year old daughter who is recently engaged. Although your recipes look sooo delicious, I am trying to lose weight for the wedding:-) I also enjoy your baby tips. And I know what toys I will soon be purchasing for my grandson. Thanks for posting often! I check your blog daily to see what is new with you!

  3. Do all these Olive's toys come in a set? They are just so cool and complete!
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  5. I personally think this is one of the best toys of 2019!! We ordered this with a birthday gift card my daughter received and she absolutely loves it!

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